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The retail environment has changed radically, keeps on evolving and is demanding retailers step up their game. Customers have more choice be it online shopping and delivery or offline brick-and-mortar options. So it's more important than ever for retailers to ensure their staff deliver great service while their products and services offerings are plentiful and right priced. 

So, whether you are a luxury retailer, department store, a jeweller, cosmetics or wellness company, speciality store on the high street or back streets CusJo's retail mystery shopping software will show you how you compare across multiple key dimensions against your competitors. It's the smartest way to get an expert audit done to gain an advantage over other retailers.

 Take Mystery Shopping To The Next Level.

Real-Time Technology. AI Enhanced Analytics. Experienced Expert Auditors.

CusJo is recognised as being the finest mystery shopping technology solution, with good reason. 

Outstanding organisations who value profitability know creating excellent customer experiences drive brand intimacy, loyalty, advocacy, and leads to higher revenue. No progressive organisation can afford to leave unattended any gap between the standard of service their customers desire and their actual delivery.

At CusJo, we have taken great pride in building the most advanced real-time mystery shopping analytics technology platform. It's transparency along with live check in, video, voice and receipt authentication, has become the go to choice for organisations who desire a legitimate and transparent mystery shopping experience.  Its AI enhanced analytics make sense of hard to analyse qualitative data in real-time and deliver AI Reports on the fly, reducing human error and time-consuming human endeavour.


Our experienced expert auditors are handpicked consummate professionals with deep industry knowledge and a fine eye for details. They have the sophistication to differentiate between between your philosophy of service versus others who make up your industry and audit you accordingly.

This is exactly why leading international organisations and Fortune 500 companies, look no further than CusJo to enhance their customer experiences though a wide range of mystery shopping initiatives across multiple industries from Automotive, Retail, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Food & Beverages, Entertainment, Government, Healthcare, Logistics, Hotels, Tourism, and Business-to-Business. You should too. 


You Will Receive Immediate:


Benchmarks on how you are performing against yourself, your category and the industry.

The How, What, Who, Where & Why

Use Our Expertly Crafted Mystery Shopping Methodology. 


Get the insights you need in an ordered and structured way.

We'll Customise  The Methodology To Get The Specific Insights You Desire. 


We'll Even Create Personas To Replicate The Full Spectrum Of Customers Your Staff Will Encounter. 

We Publish Customised Vanity URLs For Our Expert Auditors. 


We Can Even Create Specific URLs For Each Location For Benchmarking Purposes.

Filter The Mystery Shopping Insights Live After  Each Audit Comes In.


Get Insights You Simply Would Not Get With Fixed Consultancy Reports.

Track Every Expert Audit To Ensure They Meet Up To Your Expectations.


We Make Everything Transparent For You.

Let Our AI Consensus Engine & Automated AI Reports Do What No Human Being Can.


Don't Second Guess The Analysis Of Qualitative Data. Get Actionable Insights With Never Before Experienced Precision.

We Deliver Perfection With 100% Completion Rates.


Best In Industry Quality &  Accuracy.

 Experienced Expert Auditors.


Selected, Trained, Tested & Certified For Your Specific Program.

Vast Geographical Coverage. 

You Tell Us Where In The World You Want You Mystery Shopping Done & We'll Get It Done For You.

We'll Give You The Confidence You Need. 


Make Targeted & Precise Customer Experience Improvements That Will Delight Your Customers.

What Is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is a professional assessment done by expert auditors who are specifically selected, trained, tested and certified to test the service of organisations based on a pre-agreed list of criteria.

Mystery shoppers are referred to by various names such as secret shoppers, test customers, test buyers, undercover shopper and anonymous shoppers. 

They provide an objective expert option on multiple facets of service at all touch points including physical locations, websites, online stores, social media pages, mobile apps, email correspondences, phone calls and more. 

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What Is Mystery Shopping Analytics?

Mystery Shopping Analytics is the combination of using experienced expert auditors plus real-time reports using Artificial Intelligence analysis to provide organisation with authenticated actionable insights to innovate their customer experience. 

Mystery Shopping Analytics can be used to audit organisation across multiple industry segments including Automotive, Retail, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Food & Beverages, Entertainment, Government, Healthcare, Logistics, Hotels, Tourism, and Business-to-Business.

They involve a team of expertly selected, trained, tested and certified auditors being secrets shoppers. The mystery shoppers then visit the organisations and provide fair and impartial audits to the organisations to assist them improve their service delivery.

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What Does A Mystery Shopper Audit?

Mystery Shoppers Audit by paying acute attention to details and provide objective insights as to the before, during & after experience of customers

After being selected, trained, tested & certified, CusJo's Expert Mystery Shopping Auditors are deployed to an organisation's omni-channel touch points. At physical touch points they check in to authenticate their presence. They then proceed to put themselves in your customers shoes and engage your organisation towards providing you with an objective assessment of your:


1) People Experience 
2) Products & Services Experience
3) Processes, Procedures and Policies Experience
4) Physical & Digital Places Experience
5) Philosophical Experience

This will include but won’t just be limited to staff acknowledgement, welcome, introductions, smiles, grooming, demeanour, openness, attention levels, choice of products and services all the way to completing the service experience. 

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How To Be A Mystery Shopper?

If you desire to be a mystery shopper and earn a great side income you need to be:


1) Reliable in keeping to your commitments.

2) Discrete and never let on that you are a mystery shopper.  

3) Impartial and consistent and not let your biases influence you.

4) Able to following precise instructions. 

5) Have a great memory and attention to details.

6) Very good written and verbal language skills and be able to document your experience precisely, fairly and at length.

7) Have a modern smart phone, be technologically savvy and have the transportation to get to where your assignment requires you to be. 

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