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Product Experience Management 

Innovate Your Products Through Realtime Product Feedback

Create Products People Love

Understand your product journey. Why your customers choose your products. How they use them, what they want in them and what they don't. It's the fastest way to meet and exceed customers expectations.    

  • We'll help you develop your product feedback strategy.  

  • Get quantitative and qualitative feedback for each of your products in 106 languages.

  • Theme everything to perfectly match your product identity. 

  • Put the URLs and QR Codes on every product at every part of the product journey. 

  • Provide role-based secure log ins for your globally distributed teams.

  • Gain real-time product feedback insights. 

  • Proactively reach out to customers via emails and messaging apps as necessary.

  • Enable intercept surveys, panels and longitudinal studies.

  • Get one version of the truth on one dashboard with multiple functionalities for everyone.

Excite Consumers With Your Products.

To turn products into obsessions. So you need to invite it at every stage of interaction. Our B2B Customer Experience platform enables you to have full-scale control over your customers’ experience to compete in a new hyper-competitive B2B world where revenue and profitability is everything.

The Account Experience Management  Your Need

  • Get feedback from key stakeholders across every touchpoint (pre-sales, sales, on-boarding, service, delivery, follow up and more)

  • Get a pulse of every B2B account

  • Real-time issues and opportunities identification

  • Take proactive action

  • Save at risk accounts and increase revenue for healthy accounts

A 360 View Across The Entire B2B Customer Journey

  • Get a complete profile of every customer.

  • Gain deep insights  into each customer segment.

  • Predict behaviour.

  • Identify areas for improvement.

Realtime AI -Enhanced B2B Feedback Analytics

  • Leverage machine learning and deep analytics to predict churn and identify key trends, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

  • Allow key stakeholders real-time access to analytics for better customer intimacy

Act Smarter & Capture Uncapitalised Customer Value

  • Turn points of detractions into reasons for promotions

  • Know the consensus in issues and prioritise their address

  • Apply filters, do cross analysis and discover root causes of successes and failures

AI Powered  B2B Customer Experience

  • Uncover hidden meaning in vast amounts of B2B customer experience data from pre-sales to follow-on.

  • AI-enhanced qualitative data with consensus, sentiments, silent minority, text  analysis, associated keywords, theming, clusters, summary  and more.

  • AI-enhanced qualitative data benchmarking within your organisation, against your sub-industry, industry for choice and rating questions.

Make B2B Fun, Interactive & Innovative Like Never Before

  • Image and video choice options.

  • Voice recording and check-ins for validations.

  • Embed background gifs and videos for a more interactive experience.

  • Direct social media propagation.

  • Turn feedback into revenue generating marketing opportunities.  

  • Incentivise adoption though rewards and include terms and conditions along with how to claim rewards. 

Our B2C Customer Experience Platform is responsive on modern browser and devices, without the need to download any app.

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