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This privacy statement (Privacy Statement) applies to the use of personal information collected on these websites ( & This website is administered by CusJo..

Whenever you visit our website or create a personal profile,  CusJo can collect personal information about you, by directly asking you to share the information. CusJo will use this information solely in compliance with the purposes stated in this privacy notice and will strive to always protect the collected personal information.

This Privacy Statement describes the purposes of CusJo data processing and the use of cookies on this website, and explains your rights regarding your personal information.

Data processing

CusJo collects and is free to processes the personal information from visitors and users of this website for management, marketing and web statistics purposes. Data processing of personal information mainly serve the following purposes:- Developing and improving existing and new services – Carrying out analyses for statistic purposes.

In addition to the above, data processing of personal information may be used to:- screen and accept new potential website users - screen and accept information and advertisements users wish to publish on the website - give information on services provided by CusJo or third-party service suppliers and carry out other marketing activities, such as sending out newsletters.

The information you provide us with via this website can be used to inform you about our website and any possible changes on the use of this website. Your personal information will not be sold or exposed to third parties that are not CusJo-linked or related service suppliers. Other users of this website cannot solicit your personal or corporate information unless you have given your explicit consent to this.


CusJo has the right to collect and analyse data linked to the use of this website, such as domain names, the number of hits, visited pages, previously and/or subsequently visited webpages and the duration of visitor or user sessions. These data can be collected through cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data containing relevant information the web page server detects on your browser. Our web page server can only request cookies that are related to information subject to exchanges between you and CusJo. Cookies that do not contain confidential information can be saved onto your hard disk in a way that makes them available again at your next visit to the website. You can allow or refuse the use of cookies by changing your browser settings. If you wish to avoid the use of cookies, your browser will no longer save any information and will ask you to fill in your data anew at each visit to the website. Nevertheless, you can use the open domains ( & without cookies. Cookies settings may change according to your browser.


Third-party websites

This Privacy Statement is not applicable to third-party websites that are accessible through links or other on this website.

Changes Privacy Statement


CusJo reserves the right to amend this privacy statement any given time without prior notice. View this disclaimer on a regular basis in order to stay informed of any amendments.

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