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Net Promoter Score Software 

It's Time To Measure, Analyse & Innovate Your Customer Experience.

Benchmark Your NPS Score Against  The Benchmark Index, Your Industry, Sub-Industry And Organisation In Real-Time.

Get A Clear Indicator of Your Promoters, Passives & Detractors. Along With Satisfaction / Dissatisfaction and Happiness / Unhappiness Ratios 

Enjoy Qualitative Data Analytics Beyond Our AI Consensus Engine (ACE) With Sentiments, Cluster, Entities, Summary, Vocal Minority Analysis Too.

  • Segment Customers By Loyalty

  • Identify At Risk Customers & Showcase Your Advocates

  • Know How Each Store & Staff Is Performing

Go Beyond NPS & Enjoy Full-Fledged Rating & Choice Options To Get A Full And Accurate View Of Your Customers.

Use Net Promoter Scores Qualitative Questions To More Deeply Engage Customers And Turn Them Into Fans. 

Get Up And Running In Minutes Not Days.


Everything From A Quick 1 Question Net Promoter Score Pulse Survey To A 10 Question  In-Depth Reseach.

Engage Your Customers Everywhere.


Put Our Customised QR Codes, URLs, Embedded Codes On Social Media, Receipts, Touch Screen Devices, Posters & Wherever Your Customers  Are.

Our NPS Software Is Responsive On Modern Browser And Devices, Without The Need To Download Any Apps Or Register To Log In.

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