Market Research Benchmarking Surveys

Do you truly understand your market, how your brand is performing, and the products new potential consumers are looking for?

It's time to put your customers and potential customers at the heart of everything you do. Get real-time benchmarked market intelligence, measure brand experience, run concept validation studies, engage in product innovation, do A/B testing, and get pricing and user research.

Do this across 106 international languages, at scale and benchmark global responses instantaneously. 


Get CusJo's Market Experience Benchmarking to identify features users want. Speed up your product innovation cycles. Drive adoption and deepen affinity. All on the world’s most comprehensive intelligence gathering + AI analytics platform. 

Do this via 17 channel including QR codes, chatbots, websites, social media, mobile apps, messaging apps, emails, SMS, call centres, marketing collateral, snail mail, physical products, live events, locational devices, videos, field work and others. 

Turn markets in movements, products into passions and your brand into a bastion.

So, what MARKET RESEARCH (MR) do you need today?



All Your Vital Signs In One Place

Real-time globally research in 106 languages, like never before. 

 Track your market, segment, brand, profile, concept data and more. Have all your key people intentionally have access to the data they need so they know exactly where they need to focus their attention to grow your markets.

Instantly launch expertly designed professional methodologies. Start collating real-time market insights. Speedily access results in real-time so you are not caught unaware when your market moves.



So You Know Where You Stand

Moment to moment intelligence, on demand.

Confidence in decision-making is everything. Knowing where you stand builds confidence. Get CusJo and gain confidence by knowing what is working and what is not, before the rest of the world does. Zoom in on the right areas, at the right time for the right reasons. Gain a crystal clear sense of what is driving what and what the results are going to be before they actually happen.

Know how you are performing on key benchmark dimensions such as people, products, processes, places, philosophy, personality and purpose, like never before.


CusJo will give you the benchmark advantage you always wanted, but never had.  



Capitalise On The Transformation Economy

Focus your precious time, effort and resources where it matters.

Go beyond service and experience management by stepping into the transformation economy. While your competitors try to spruce up their service standards by creating personal belonging, give yourself the chance to lead in the experience and transformation economy by building public esteem and generating a feeling of self-actualisation, across finer and finer market segments. 

Never again worry about figuring out how to build a personal relationship relationship with your products and services. With the research and benchmark data at your disposal innovate to transform their lives instead. Your end results? The loyalty, reach, virality and profitability you desire. 

What Is Market Experience Benchmarking?

Market Experience Benchmarking is about doing research across your markets, segments, brands, profiles and concepts to benchmark your people, products, processes, places, philosophy, personality and purpose. This is done through large scale market experience (MX) intelligence solutions that gives your organisation real-time market analytics to out innovate your competitors. 

Benchmarks are then used to innovate experiences, generate loyalty, extend reach, gain virality and boost profitability for the organisation. 

Market Experience Benchmarking is most effective when done in the native languages of the various markets to gain the most expressive and in-depth qualitative and quantitative data possible. It gives organisations a real-time appreciation of what's working and what's not working, where they stand in relation to the competition and the changes they need to make to out-innovate them. 

Market Experience Benchmarking allows your customers to provide you with the intelligence you need 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week across 365 days, through a combination of professionally developed and deployed methodologies. Some of the more common ones are:

Benchmark Intelligence Analytics

Brand Experience Analytics

Product Innovation Analytics

A/B Testing Analytics

Concept Validation Analytics


About CusJo

Serving clients globally via representatives in  21 countries, CusJo helps enterprises get real-time experience management benchmarks through surveys. We assist you confidently innovate your employee, customer, product, brand and market experience on the world's most innovative enterprise survey platform - loved by our customers and you.

We're unique because our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform:

a) Has the world’s 1st AI Consensus Engine (ACE), which does 3 months worth of  qualitative data analysis in a few seconds.

b) Provides you with more than 150 customisable professional templates to get started immediately.

c) Is available in 106 languages, so you can engage your audience globally and use our AI engine to do real-time translations.

d) Allows you to map and benchmark employee, customer and market research experience in realtime and get automated AI reports.

You can also use our ACE for your live QnA sessions at your town halls, meetings, conferences, conventions and even national conversations. Never again will your audience have to vote questions and answers up or down, as our ACE will do it in real-time for you.

So, contact us through any one of the countries below, to customise an experience management survey solution, regardless of where in the world you are.

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