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AI For Live Audience Engagement, Q&A, Polls, Voting, Surveys & Feedback.

Enjoy the fastest & simplest way to get the most important questions from your audience. No more awkwardly waiting for questions, raised hands, microphones and off topic agenda filled questions. Give everyone an equal voice at the same time, in 106 languages and make sense of the results live.

Use AI To Wow And Engage Your Audience.

CusJo's AI Consensus Engine (ACE) automatically reads and ranks questions by Consensus, Sentiments, Entities, Clusters and so much more. 

We've been listening to you. You don't just want the ultimate Q&A and polling platform for your town halls, meetings, conventions, conferences, events and exhibitions. You also want the most intuitive, simple to use, hassle-free platform that requires no special codes, log ins or mobile apps to access it. With CusJo, all your audience needs to do is scan a QR Code, or input a super short vanity URL. Then you will have your audience up and running and doing what you want them to: sharing their point of view and creating a richer experience for everyone.

They will also never again have to read through 100s or 1000s of other questions and comments and vote them up and down. CusJo's AI Consensus Engine (ACE) reads everything in real-time and organises it by the highest consensus. It is a game changer whether you are running a brainstorming meeting for 5 people, a quiz for 50 or doing large scale consensus gathering for 5 million people. 

Interactive ✓

Fun ✓

Real-time ✓

Engaging ✓

Insightful ✓

The simplest, yet most sophisticated Q&A platform with CusJo's proprietary AI Consensus Engine (ACE).

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