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Online Language Proficiency Tests For All Purposes Across 106 Languages.

We offer an endless selection of ready-made and fully customisable online language tests, quizzes, assessments and audits for recruitment, hiring and language proficiency benchmarking. Our flexible platform provides innovative testing solutions that can meet any testing requirements for in-person or remote use.

Use them from anywhere in the world, for anyone in the world today!

Taking Notes

Test In Any Language 

Create questions in 106 languages that are mix of multiple choice, fill in the blanks, and open ended. Design a reading test, a spoken test or any sort of test you can imagine that shows that they person taking it meets your needs.

Varied Lengths & Purpose

Create tests that are as short as 5 minutes and as extensive a 4 hours. Even leave tests that are completely open and see how long it takes them to complete it. You can do this for Reading Tests, Language Usage Tests, Writing Tests, Listening  Tests, Speaking Tests and Descriptive Tests. 

Language Test Score.png

Show The Scores

Add in weightage for different items and show precise or range scores as you see fit. This way the person gets a immediate sense of where they stand and what they need to do next. You can even add in Expert Comments on the backend of the system for interviewers, examiners and assessors to add their feedback. 

Leave Tests Open

You can create tests that can be left open like  open book exams, which allow them to make references and checks over the internet. After all the real world today is not just about what you know but what you can get done and accomplish with assistance. 

Adult Students
Yen Bills

Save & Make Money

If you are a organisation and want to get people to take tests these are the prices you will be paying for each person to take a test. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) - USD 200/pax, International English Language Testing System (IELTS) - USD 240/pax, Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) - Euro 150/pax, Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)  - Euro 150/pax. GetCusJo to create. tests for you at the fraction of the cost. Or create and sell your own tests and make good money.

Less Than USD 1/Test

We don't charge you an exorbitant starting fees of USD 5,000 / year or make you pay USD 150-250 a test. You can get started with CusJo from as little as USD 1,000 a year. We also do not limit the number of applicants who can open a test. We only count those who take the test. So, if you pay USD 1,000/- per test a year and have 1000 completed test within a year, you will be paying USD 1 per test taker. This gives most organisation the flexibility to have as many candidates as possible take the test. Now that is unbeatable value for money.


The Best Choice For Organisations To Test Language Competency Anywhere In The World.

Get an assessment of Language Competencies anytime and anywhere your candidates are. It's reliable, accessible and depending on your business model it could be FREE.


What are technical and non-technical competency test?

Competency test helps talent acquisition teams accurately identify and qualify candidates with the relevant technical and non-technical proficiencies to meet various job requirements. CusJo's technical and non-technical competency tests are scalable and great for remote interview and hiring processes. They remove unconscious bias and are an excellent way screen candidates' competency level in relation to the job.

GetCusJo offers technical and non-technical assessments for many roles, such as fullstack, frontend and backend developers, data scientists, engineers, and just about any soft or hard skill that can be tested via our world class enterprise survey platform. 

What sort of technical and non-technical competency tests can I create?

You can create technical and non-technical competency tests that range from code challenges, multiple choice questions, open-ended questions. These could be Performance, Ability or Aptitude tests which are designed to measure abilities, such as concentration, logical conclusions or text comprehension. Personality or psychometric tests that evaluate qualities, such as proactivity, responsibility, innovation, commitment, excellence, service-orientation, openness, neuroticism, and anything else you want to evaluate. Specific professional knowledge on any subject matter. You can get candidates to upload their answers in a multitude of forms from providing a link to their google drive, gits, videos, voice recordings, etc.

How are the technical and non-technical competency tests graded?

You  can determine the grading scale for each answer through our weightage module. What that means is you can give a lower score for an easy multiple choice question answer and a higher score for a more difficult multiple choice question answer.  Once a candidate completes the test, you can provide them with their scores immediately. They can then find out immediately if they made the grade or not. This saves even more time as your recruiter does not have to correspond with them. For those that meet the desired skill level you can even provide them with the next step of their their job application as soon as they complete the test.

Why do companies use technical and non-technical assessment platforms?

Highly competent staff are valuable and expensive assets. When it comes to assessing technical and non-technical competency unfortunately it can only be done by someone who is competent. For companies in the United States, the average opportunity cost / loss of productivity for an organisation as a result of conducting each onsite technical and non-technical interview is between USD 250 - 1,500 depending on the type of interview, the length of it and how many people are involved in the entire process. Bringing unqualified candidates onsite is cost-foolish and harmful towards being a fast-paced, high-growth companies. This loss of productivity limits the number of candidates an organisation can consider bringing in for onsite technical interviews, thus reducing their potential talent pool. 

For recruiters who otherwise have no way to effectively qualify candidates, technical and non-technical assessment platforms offer a scalable, efficient and sensible alternative.

What is my return on investment for every USD 1,000/- I spend to create a test on CusJo?

Every time you use a CusJo test to do a screening you are in effect saving anywhere between USD 250 - 1,500 depending on the cost structure of your organisation. So, if you use CusJo to conduct 4 screener test you have already broken even. Even our small 1-3 staff company customers tend to do more than 500 screening test per year on our platform. That's is an opportunity cost of USD 125,000 a year. This is cost, time and energy that will be better put into doing something else that cannot be automated. 

What sort of organisations use your technical and non-technical tests?

Organisations of all sizes from all industries benefit from our  technical and non-technical tests. Our platform provides the fastest, most affordable and customised way for organisations to get started. 

What sort of tests can I create on CusJo?

You can create just about any test you can imagine. Organisations can create any sort of coding challenges in whichever language they desire. You can also create language competency tests, personality tests, product aptitude tests, IQ tests, EQ tests, AQ tests, psychological tests, and quizzes. The mot common tests are technical competency, language proficiency, personality and product aptitude tests.

Can candidates find the answers to the tests online?

First of all the questions are created by or in tandem with you. So, if you create unique questions that are specifically relevant to your business, it is highly unlikely they will be found online. Also, we suggest you create questions that are of such a nature that both the questions and answers will not be available online even from a reference perspective. We will guide you on how. Finally you are free to change the questions in the test at any point, so even if someone puts the answers online (which they won't as then others will score as high as them) you can change them for a similarly standard question quite easily. 

At CusJo, We Have One Aim In View. To Be The World's Most Innovative Enterprise Survey Platform - Loved By Our Customers And You.

So tell us what you want us to further innovate on. We'll bend over backwards for you.

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