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Frontend Developer

Job Location

Work From Anywhere

Type of Job

Full Time


The CusJo Product Development Team is responsible for engineering stable architecture, making sure it is sustainable, scalable, secure and speedy. You are to be completely focused on ensuring our customers globally find our platform to be the most innovative enterprise survey platform in the world, and love using it.

The fact that you need to be highly competent, proactive and have mastery of your domain should go without saying. What is worthwhile mentioning is that you are expected to be, above everyone else, the guardians of our customer experience. You should be the first to be altered to our customers’ problems, address them speedily and communicate fixes to them in a timely fashion. This is to ensure our customers globally are not disrupted from doing what they need to do.

You should work in such a way that your commitment to innovating our product, incorporating the latest technologies and making sure we are at the cutting edge of cloud computing, web scalability and artificial intelligence, can never be questioned. Your excellence in ensuring a super-fast, seamless and intuitive customer experience should be there for all to experience.

Your success will be measured by how innovative our customers say our product is, and how much they love it.

On a personal level, this career path is an opportunity for you to research the unknown thoroughly, gain unique knowledge and engineer a truly great experience.

Professionally, we would like you to actively play your part towards updating our technologies strategically, and ensuring our technological resources are optimally deployed towards enhancing our customers’ experience. Towards that effort will own your engineering roadmaps, work with key stakeholders and deliver high-quality fully tested work within budgets and timelines.


You have to be great at:

  • HTML5

  • CSS

  • Angular

  • Responsive Design

You must have:

  • Your own fully functioning laptop with up-to-date software.

  • Your own smartphone.

  • A high speed internet connection.


These benefits apply to full-time employees. CusJo benefits vary depending on country and location, the number of regularly scheduled hours you work, length of employment, and job status.

  • Share Options Plans

  • Work From Anywhere Opportunities

  • Flexible Work Hours

  • Upskilling Opportunities

  • Create Your Own Innovation Projects Opportunities

  • Fully Paid Sabbaticals

  • Health Insurance Plan

  • Life Insurance Plan

  • 401 (k) Match Up Plan Or Equivalent

  • Paid Time-Off

  • Education Opportunitites

  • Maternity / Partenity Leave

  • Employee Referral Compensation Plans

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