Business Development Executive - Canada

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Work From Home In Canada

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Full Time


The CusJo Business Development Team is responsible for driving the growth of our company globally. You are to be completely focused on expanding our presence in the countries you are responsible for.

You will be expected to be hands on, diligent, driven and relentless in your pursuit of success, while being a role model for others to follow.

You are responsible for achieving growth targets, running an ever increasing pipeline of new business prospects and maintaining key relationships with our customers. You will partner closely with our other teams to drive customer adoption of our platform.

Your success will be measured by your achievement of quarterly targets.

You need to have extensive experience successfully selling SaaS technology products and services to large enterprises. Ideally you should have been involved in the building a mid to large size enterprise sales force, ideally for a US multinational enterprise software company.

On a personal level, this career path is an opportunity for you to be a star. Someone people can look up to because of your graciousness, accomplishments and contributions to those around you.

Professionally, we would like you to be a leader with a sharp analytical mind, who is completely obsessed with solving customer problems and at your best when dealing with the scrappiness and ambiguity that are a natural part of rapidly scaling a fast-growing technology company.


You have to be great at:

  • Closing.

  • Networking, prospecting, cold calling, warm calling, following up, and gettiing referrals, so you can close.

  • Making presentations to customer and prospects at all levels and in a variety of departments such as human capital, customer experience, and marketing, so you can close.

  • Addressing product uses, benefits, competitive advantages, business terms and facilitate optimal technical follow-up, so you can close.

  • Coordinating and actively participating in contract negotiations, so you can close.

  • Being the face of our company, establish leadership at industry conferences, so you can close.

  • Developing and maintaining in-depth knowledge of our solution offerings with a particular focus on measuring the business outcomes our customers achieve, so you can refer to them towards closing.

  • Maintaining a real-time understanding of the competitive landscape to determine win-win proposals and pricing, so close more deals.

You must have:

  • Your own fully functioning laptop with up-to-date software.

  • Your own smartphone.

  • A designated high speed internet connection.

Did we mention you have to be great at closing?


These benefits apply to full-time employees. CusJo benefits vary depending on country and location, the number of regularly scheduled hours you work, length of employment, and job status.

  • Share Options Plans

  • Work From Anywhere Opportunities

  • Flexible Work Hours

  • Upskilling Opportunities

  • Create Your Own Innovation Projects Opportunities

  • Fully Paid Sabbaticals

  • Health Insurance Plan

  • Life Insurance Plan

  • 401 (k) Match Up Plan Or Equivalent

  • Paid Time-Off

  • Education Opportunitites

  • Maternity / Partenity Leave

  • Employee Referral Compensation Plans

About CusJo

Serving clients globally via representatives in  21 countries, CusJo helps enterprises get real-time experience management benchmarks through surveys. We assist you confidently innovate your employee, customer, product, brand and market experience on the world's most innovative enterprise survey platform - loved by our customers and you.

We're unique because our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform:

a) Has the world’s 1st AI Consensus Engine (ACE), which does 3 months worth of  qualitative data analysis in a few seconds.

b) Provides you with more than 150 customisable professional templates to get started immediately.

c) Is available in 106 languages, so you can engage your audience globally and use our AI engine to do real-time translations.

d) Allows you to map and benchmark employee, customer and market research experience in realtime and get automated AI reports.

You can also use our ACE for your live QnA sessions at your town halls, meetings, conferences, conventions and even national conversations. Never again will your audience have to vote questions and answers up or down, as our ACE will do it in real-time for you.

So, contact us through any one of the countries below, to customise an experience management survey solution, regardless of where in the world you are.

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