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How AI For Live Audience Engagement Works 

Impress your audience. Energise your event.

End  The  Q & A, Voting  &  Polling Boredom Forever.

Stop Wasting Your Audience's Time By Making Them Read And Vote Every Question And Comment Up And Down.

CusJo’s AI Consensus Engine (ACE) Automatically Reads & Ranks Responses In Real-Time Based On The Highest Consensus..

Showcase Beautifully Benchmarked Rating Results With Distribution Charts, Nett Promoter Scores, Satisfaction / Dissatisfaction and Happiness / Unhappiness Ratios.

Enjoy Full-Fledged Rating & Choice Polling / Voting, Combined With Qualitative Data Analytics If You Would Like As Well.

Enjoy Qualitative Data Analytics Beyond Our AI Consensus Engine (ACE) With Sentiments, Cluster, Entities, Summary, Vocal Minority Analysis Too.

Get Up And Running In Minutes Not Days.


Everything From 1 Question Live Q & A To A 100 Question Market Research Project.

 Launch Customised QR Codes, URLs, Embedded Codes With Social Media Integration.  So Your Audience Can Engage From Anywhere Without Having To Be In The Room.

Get Responsive Instantaneously On Any Modern Browser Without The Need To Download Any Apps Or Register To Log In.

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