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How To Get Hired By CusJo (& Thrive)

To get hired at CusJo, you have to be a seriously talented professional; highly competent, an excellent communicator and have a track record for excellence. You will be expected to be proactive, responsible, innovative, committed, excellent, service-oriented, masterful and fully focused on building the world's most innovative enterprise survey software - loved by our customers and you.

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Some Good Advice

It Will Help You Along

1. Take Your Competency Tests Very Seriously By Completing Them Fully & Properly.

We're looking for people who are in the top 10% of what they do. Your technical and language competency tests showcase your basic skills to do the job. They alert us that you are worth the potential time and effort. Prioritise them and complete them fully and properly as per the instructions, the moment you receive them. If you do not, they are likely to be rejected as we have 1000s of applicants applying for every job and we can't follow up with everyone. This is your opportunity to showcase you have the basic skills and are serious about having a great  career at CusJo.

2. Fill In Your Request For An Interview Truthfully And In Full.

When you fill in your details promptly, truthfully and in full, you speed up the process of you potentially being hired.

If all your details are not accurately filled in and your salary slip, resume and educational certificates not attached, you will end up wasting your time, having to do it again, as your technical screening request will be rejected. These basic details help us determine at level you need to be evaluated ahead of your technical screening. 

We keep fine tuning our   interview process to speed up hiring and not waste valuable human interaction time on administrative details. This is your opportunity to showcase yourself to be detail oriented, a team player and having a productivity mindset.


3. Be On Time And Prepared For Your Technical Screening Interview.

This is your first interaction with someone who you are either going to work for or work with. First impressions counts.

You are a job seeker. Your technical screener is assessing if you have the right skills to do the job, are proficient in using the English language, and if you can respond to questions and communicate your ideas clearly and precisely. They are weighing this out fairly against your present salary which is an indicator of cost and value. 

They want to know if you are of value at a 10-20% increase in your compensation, will you raise the productivity and standards of their team and are you someone they want to bring into their inner circle.

4. Arrange For A Non-Technical Interview.

If you pass your technical screener, a time slot will be arranged for a non-technical interview. This is usually within 10 working days of being shortlisted. 

Once your slot is confirmed make sure nothing conflicts with it, you are on time and fully prepared. Your non-technical interview might be just one interview or might be a series of interviews. This depends on your potential role. You should prepare thoroughly for  this interview, too many really good people fail as they fail to prepare adequately .  

In this structured interview your expected salary (as per your cost to the company) will be measured against the weighted aggregate of your 1) skill and 2) communication level, 3) professional traits, 4) personality attributes, 5) product aptitude, 6) track record, 7) true aspirations, 8) leadership ability, 9) team play, 10) cultural fit and enhancement, and 11) present and future capabilities. Every attribute is scored and then divided by your expected salary (so the higher your expected salary the higher your score needs to be compared to others competing for the same job) to give you a score on which you will be evaluated. A CusJo Interview is a merit based structured interview process and goes far to remove as much cognitive bias as possible.

We understand and you should too, just because you did not make the cut with us the first time, does not mean you will not be great for us later. We encourage candidates to reapply but only 6 months later, once they have had the time to polish themselves further still.

5. Complete Your Personality & Product Aptitude Assessments.

You need to complete these at least 2 days before your non-technical interview or your interview will have to be cancelled. We need time to read your responses and prepare for your interview. Completing your Personality and Product Aptitude Forms in advance eliminates the need to conduct days-long interviews like Apple, and facilitate long drawn interview processes like Google (up to 25 interviews over 9 months at one point). We value your time and use your responses as a base to ask you higher level questions that cannot be done in a form. 

Your personality assessment is designed to give us an appreciation of your core personality, your values, your maturity levels, the next steps of your evolution, how you weigh out dilemmas, deal with adversity and rationalise your choices. They help us understand where and how best to engage you, to your, your team's, your organisation's and ultimate to your customers' advantage.

The product aptitude test shows us how well you can understand our product, and what areas of it you would like to and have the talent to improve, if you are selected to be one of us. We are especially keen to know how deeply you can appreciate the architecture of our product while toying around with it. As the original few Apple engineers noted, if they don't see genuine excitement about the product from a candidate, the candidate should never be allowed to join the team, as they won't have the passion and drive to significantly help customers,  the company and their teams.


6. Checks, Balances & Agreement.

Once you have successfully gone through your non-technical interview(s), our legal and administration teams will take over.


While your background and reference checks are being done, our legal team will put together an agreement and compensation package for you. This will be based on your scores as per your structured interview and with an eye on the market  benchmarking of what your compensation should be.

Once you sign your agreement and join CusJo, you will serve a mandatory probation period of at least three months. Increases in your compensation package are reviewed annually at the end of the year and will reflect your overall contribution to your team, the organisation and our customers. Your attitude, ability, aptitude, application, and achievements will be the foundation on which you are promoted and given bigger opportunities and portfolios.  Once you serve 3 years at CusJo you will be considered to be part of our stock option plan. We strongly feel if you genuinely care for, deliver results and work like the company, its products and its customers are yours, and if you are in it for the long haul, you deserve a stake in the company too.


7. An Opportunity To Live Life Meaningfully.

At CusJo you will be expected to align yourself to, fully support and advance CusJo's objectives. Our aim is ensure CusJo is the world's most innovative enterprise survey platform - loved by our customers and you. 

Towards that effort, we expect you to be Proactive, Responsible, Innovative, Committed, Excellent, Service-Oriented, Masterful and deadly Focused on that objective. That is if you want to be a key part of our global growth story and reap the handsome rewards that entails. 

We invite you to view your time at  CusJo not as a job, but to ensure it is the most meaningful and productive period of your life. At CusJo you will have the opportunity to own not just our products and services with what you do, but a part of the company too. Opportunities like this don't come around too often, and it would disingenuous for us to suggest they come easily. Nobody has ever achieved anything great without being committed to it for the long term. So, if you are afforded the opportunity to join us, seize it to live life meaningfully.

Our Scientifically Designed Interview Process

To Ensure You Can Do The Job And Be Great At It.

Skills Based & Future Meta Skills

We need to be every selective of who and what we put our energy into. We believe there is no point hiring you for a job you can't do or be great at. It will frustrate you as much as it will frustrate us. Sooner or later, we will have to let you go as you will become a victim of your own self-deception. This will be because you either can't do or can't step up to the evolving expectations of the job. Not everybody is willing to put in the effort to be the best version of themselves they can be and has the meta skills the future desires. We've learnt the hard way.

A Long Term Professional & Personal Development Opportunity

Ideally, we want to give you an opportunity to do at least 10 years of great work, without having to jump from one job to another, and to be very handsomely rewarded for it. So, we have designed a very thorough process, involving multiple tests, to fully appreciate what you can bring to the table today and potentially tomorrow. Each interview is designed to ensure your suitability for the job and give you some indication of what it takes for you to be great.

An Equal Opportunity To Showcase Your Talents 

Inequality, is still rife globally. We strongly feel everybody should have an equal opportunity to showcase how good they are and can be, quantitatively and qualitatively, and be hired on merit. This is regardless of race, ethnicity, ancestry, clan, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, citizenship, marital status, disability or even where in the world you are. For seriously talented professionals, a CusJo interview is a fun and challenging experience. It shows you where you stand. If you are not up to it however, don't understand the logic and the process of how progressive organisations hire, it will be foreign to you. The best however find it to be a true pleasure. Our interview process is scientifically designed. It benchmarks your technical and English proficiency to separate you from others, and earns you a technical screener. If you pass your technical screener, we'll afford you a psychometric and product aptitude test, so a purposeful job interview can be scheduled for you. All the steps in the interview process are an opportunity for you to showcase how much better you are in relation to other good candidates. 

At CusJo, We Have One Aim In View. To Be The World's Most Innovative Enterprise Survey Platform - Loved By Our Customers And You.

So Show Us You Have What It Takes Professionally & Personally By Excelling During Your Tests & Interview. Come Be A Part Of Something Great. 


1. Why Have You Made The CusJo Interview Process So Transparent?

We've made our interview process transparent because we realise you as a job seeker are functioning in the dark as you go from company to company. We feel your frustration. You want to put your best foot forward, and put in the time to be fairly evaluated but you do not know if the company will appreciate your effort and if they will evaluate you fairly on it.

With CusJo we want you to know every step of the process so you can prepare yourself psychologically as well as do the ground work to do well enough to get hired. 

2. You've Mentioned Structured Interviews A Few Times. What Is That?

Structured Interviews are a method that requires using the same interviewing methods to assess all candidates applying for the same job. Research shows well defined Structured Interviewing is predictive of a candidate's performance, even for jobs that are themselves unstructured.

In Structured Interviewing  candidates for the same job answer the same interview questions and are graded on the same scale. This makes hiring decisions consistent, and surfaces the best candidate for the job. It also allows an organisation to fairly analyse if a candidate is worth the compensation they are seeking and who is the best value and fit candidate.

3. How Long Is the Interview Process And How Fast Will I Be Hired? 

How fast you get hired at CusJo is entirely dependent on you.

When we put up a job post it means we are ready to hire immediately. Complete what you are asked to do fast and well, and you could get hired within 7 days. Take things slow and the process takes longer or worse still you risk someone else filling the job.

4. How Long Is The Typical CusJo Interview Process?

Here is the average length of the interview process in other top organisations compared to CusJo. Typically the higher the position you apply for and the higher your salary expectations the longer your process is likely to take for obvious reasons.

CusJo: 1-3 months, with 2-5 interviews.

NHS: 12-18 months, with 4-6 interviews.

Google: 2-4 months (was up to 9 months), with minimum 4 interviews.

Blue Origins: 1-2 months, with 4-6 interviews.

McKinsey & Company: 1-3 months, with 4-8 interviews. 

Apple: 1-3 months, with 4-8 interviews.


Facebook: 3-9 months, with 5-10 interviews.


5. Why Are There So Many Steps In Your Interview Process?

Actually there aren't. We've kept things down to the minimum and shown the entire process transparently. Every step of the interview process is important. We don't make you or our staff do things that are irrelevant. We value your and our time too much for that.

6. How Do You Negotiate Salary?


We don't. We get a sense as to your present salary, and will ask you about your expected salary which should be 10-20% above it. We then calculate your real financial cost to the company, and then evaluate you fairly in relation to what you ask. If what you bring to the table does not match up to it, we can't hire you. So, when we ask you what is your expected salary know that if your expectations are unrealistic you sabotage your chances of being hired by CusJo. And anyway, the real reward is your share options and not your salary. 

7. What Are Some Things I Should Be Mindful Of?

There are probably too many to mention. One of the behaviours we have observed that is detrimental to candidates getting hired at CusJo is calibrating their expected salary at CusJo to future increments promised or expected at their present organisation that are above the 10-20% range. The two don't correlate. When we assess candidates based on over their overambitious expectations, they invariably fall far short, as their own competencies and capabilities do not match up to their own expectations. In cases as such, we usually recommend the candidate remain in their present organisation, and reapply after they have received the said increment. 

8. Why Was My Interview Cancelled Or Cut Short After It Was Arranged?

This does not happen often. It is likely to be predominantly for one of the following reasons: a) your information was not accurate or not filled in fully ahead of your pre-screening or interview forms and the interviewer could not make an assessment till you completed it, b) you did not turn up on time for your interview, did not inform us in advance and the interviewer scheduled another interview, and/or c) your interview was a group interview, you were late and it was no longer appropriate to add you into it.


Outside of that, from time-to-time but exceedingly rarely, we do reschedule interviews due to unforeseen circumstances. But we make it a point of informing candidates in advance. We expect the same from you, to inform us in advance if you can't make an interview.

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