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WORTH USD 5,000/-

(Complimentary for your 1st 100 employees)

Improve Your Culture & Drive Profitability.

By getting an ongoing benchmark on the state of your organisation.

CusJo’s Free Employee Engagement Survey is the best indicator of the overall health of your organisation. It gives you precise quantitative and qualitative analytics across the 9 core organisational dimensions of Affinity, Culture, Leadership, Manager, Team, Work, Growth, Rewards and Confidence, along with 76 sub-dimensions & 4 all encompassing qualitative questions. 

Add to that endless demographics and other customised questions and you've got the simplest, fastest and best way for you to get employee intelligence and act on it.

Enjoy a complimentary consultation, then access, in real-time, your industry leading AI-enhanced Analytics Report on your own secure Enterprise domain. Benefit from CusJo’s world’s 1st AI Consensus Engine to analyse qualitative data. It does 3 months of work, in less than a second.

You can't ask for more, especially since it's completely free for your 1st 100 employees.

Free, Fast, Simple & Easy.


Be Up & Running In Less Than 1 Hour.

Hierarchically Map Your Global Organisation According To You Organisation Chart.


For Real-Time Benchmarking.

Get Automated & Real-time AI Reports.


Save Months Of Time & Take Immediate Action.

With CusJo's World's 1st AI Consensus Engine, Which Highlights What You Need To Do.


It Does Months Of Work Of Qualitative Data Analysis Faster Than You Can Snap Your Fingers.

In 106 Languages Globally. 

So Now, Everyone Has An Equal Voice.

With Hierarchical User Logins So All Your Key Staff Can Access The Intelligence They Need To Innovate & Recover Situations.


And To Collaborate Remotely On Interventions Without Having To Be In The Same Room.

Responsively On Every Device & Truly Mobile First.

From Build To Publish To Analyse On Your Device Of Convenience.

So, You Can Discover What's Working & What's Not Working.


And  Uncover Insights Like Never Before.

Know How Every Dimension & Sub-Dimension Correlates With Others.


And What Levers Will Produce The Outcomes You Desire.

Gain Superpowers To Make Sense Of Qualitative Data Instantly. 


Know The Consensus, Sentiments, Entities, Classification & Clusters At The Click Of A Button.

 Create A Positive Workplace Culture.


Enjoy Better Work-Life Harmony.

Engage Employees To Improve Profitability.

Make Employee Engagement Improve Your Top & Bottom Line.

Retain Top Talent.


So Your  "A Players" Attract More "A Players".

Increase Productivity & Innovation.


Catalyse Creativity & Invention To Not Just Be Different, But 10x Better.

Build A Better Organisation Today.


Lower Absenteeism,  Increase Customer Focus & Have Happier Employees.

CusJo Reduces Work, Saves Costs & Gets You Intelligence Across Your Entire Employee Journey - From Recruitment To Empowerment To Growth - On One Platform.

You no longer have to maintain 18 - 20 different vendor relationships, pay for endless consultancy projects or hire a new staff and teams to run each new employee initiative in your organisation.


CusJo's Employe Engagement Suite is an end-to-end talent intelligence solution that gives your organisation real-time people analytics at every stage of your talent journey. 

It covers the 3 critical stages of an employees journey from recruitment to empowerment to growth. It helps an organisation to fulfil it's profitability and performance motives, while also assisting employees to enjoy a higher level of fulfilment. This helps organisations create a better employee culture and experience. It increases frequency and depth of positive interaction and contribution. It reduces attrition, creates a stronger sense of belonging and responsibility, leads to better customer experience and increases the top and bottom line. 

On the employee side, it gives employees an ongoing voice 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year through its various initiatives. It encourages employees to be partners in co-creating the culture of an organisation.


At minimum an Employee Engagement Suite covers the following areas across the the 3 distinct areas of recruitment, empowerment and growth.  


Employee Job Application Analytics

Employee Competency Assessment Analytics

Employee Job Suitability Evaluation Analytics

Employee Reference Check Analytics

Employee Onboarding Analytics


Employee Pulse Survey Analytics

Employee Cultural Gap Assessment Analytics

Employee 360 Degree Feedback Analytics

Employee Performance Appraisal Analytics

Employee Engagement Analysis

Employee Dialogue Analysis

Employee Townhall Q&A Analytics

Employee State Interview Analytics


Employee Training & Development Analytics

Employee Coaching / Mentoring Analytics

Employee Succession Planning Analytics

Employee Feedback Analytics

Employee Exit Interview Analytics

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