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Free Covid-19 Solutions For Everyone

Covid-19 has forever changed life as we know it. There is no going back. You need to respond rapidly. We're here to help. Whether you are a Government, MNC, SME, Start Up, Society, Group or an Individual, there is a Free Covid-19 solution specifically for you.


People deemed to be essential, have no choice but to go to work, while others have been told to work from home (WFH). Some people are choosing not to head back to the office, others still have lost their jobs and have no office to go back to. 


They are all experiencing differing levels of stress, anxiety and depression for a number of reasons. The survival, safety, security, health, well-being, care, concern, esteem and self-actualisation needs of us a human beings are creating psychological stress. It is impacting 100x more people than Covid-19 deaths.


So, as an individual, the same way you should do a regular physical check up, you need to now do a regular mental check up to ensure you are operating optimally. There is no stigma in it. It's what mental-health conscious people have been doing for sometime.  


Organisations are scrambling week to week to surmount new challenges. Only a select few are seeing revenue growth. Most are figuring out how to deal with rapidly declining revenue, while others have had no choice but to shut down their operation.


Those that are still functioning need to ensure productivity remain high while their teams work remotely in a new normal. Doing WFH Check Ins to get a quick pulse of their employees and following it up with a more thorough WFH Check Up is imperative. You need to help your staff improve their productivity with WFH check lists, or both your organisation and your staff will suffer. 


Employee engagement is more important than ever before. Smart organisations are ramping up their customer experience analytics, for at least two reasons. One to better understand the needs of their customers and hence retain them. And two, to use customer experience analytics to build customer contact lists and start building greater intimacy with their customers. That is of course if they still want to remain in business and be relevant.


Governments are possibly facing the biggest headache of them all. Do they sacrifice lives for livelihoods, while attempting to build herd immunity, and waiting for a vaccine? They can't keep pumping money into the economy, without doing it irreparable harm for future generations. They know they need to open up the economy safely and they know they have to do it fast. The question is how. It's time to be part of the solution.


Here are some free digital covid-19 contact tracing forms for all organisations to use. Make every staff and visitor fill in their contact details, their present temperature upon checking in and out. This is something that needs to be made mandatory for every B2B and B2C organisation in every country. This will help in case of an emergency for with fast contact tracing and isolation to prevent the spread. All elements in the forms are customisable to suit any need, for every industry, in every country.


There are also some specific ones for F&B and Retailers as well as Medical and Dental Clinics.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Free Covid-19 Contact Tracing Form

Save lives now. Get up and running immediately. You have a moral responsibility to do so. 

Free F&B & Retail Covid-19 Contact Tracing Form

Allow your customers to dine and shop in peace knowing you are looking after their interest. And build your customer contact list while you are doing so for your marketing purposes..  

Free Clinic Covid-19 Contact Tracing Form

You are an essential service. Let us help you set the example of what the medical and dental services should be, when it comes to combatting this pandemic.  

Free Work From Home (WFH) Productivity Surveys

Remote work is the new normal. You need to keep productivity high.
To do so organisation needs to do two things.
1) An immediate WFH Check In.

2) Followed by WFH Check Ups

Free Employee Engagement Survey

This is the time to improve your culture & drive profitability by getting an ongoing benchmark on the state of your organisation.

Free Covid-19 Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS)

The DASS is the best indicator for you, family, loved ones and your colleagues to get an early indicator of how Covid-19 is subtly or obviously impacting your mental state of mind.  Find out if you are in the Normal, Mild, Moderate, Severe and Extremely Severe range and the interventions you need to recalibrate your mental state.  

Free Covid-19 Psychological Stress Indicator (CPSI)

The mental stress due to the Covid-19 pandemic is real and could lead to trauma if not addressed. This is whether you witness or experience it. Symptoms may start within one month and last for decades if not addressed early.

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