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Enterprise Feedback Management Software 

The best Enterprise Feedback Management Software to align your entire organisation. 

Manage enterprise feedback effectively.

Systematically collect, manage and integrate customer feedback. 

  • Get your operations, marketing, human resource, research and development, sales department on the same page.

  • Role-based secure log ins for upper management, managers, executives and front-liners. 

  • Gain a real-time revenue generating advantage over your competitors.

  • Out-innovate the competition by attracting, keeping and growing your customer base.

  • Systematically centralise all your enterprise feedback.

  • Get one version of the truth.

  • Eradicate the use of multiple, inconsistent and redundant survey run my multiple teams.

  • Integrate your data with various databases, CRMs, dashboards and information systems.

Boost profits online and offline.

Customer success is the best way to increase brand loyalty, encourage repeat purchases and referrals to help your company grow. You may or may not have gathered accurate historical data on what your customers are doing. Regardless, and more importantly you need to know what they are thinking, when and why. The best way to do that comes from directly engaging your customers at scale and acting on their point of view across your entire enterprise in real-time.  Doing this at scale 24/7/365, and providing all your key people the intelligence to innovate in real-time is what our Enterprise Feedback Management Software  will do for you. 


Read on, discover even more good stuff and contact us to start profiting today. 


Choose from 100s of professional  benchmark templates .

Build atop our professional benchmarking methodology with your own company specific questions. 

  • Engage customers in a 106 languages.

  • Use advanced logic. 

  • Use piping to customise the experience.

Theme every element to match your brand attributes. 

  • Publish vanity URLs.

  • Upload your company logo.

  • Launch URLs hierarchically and by location.

  • Get QR codes, coded URLs, embeded codes and social media integrations.

  • Send email campaigns.

  • Let our platform do the following up for you.

  • Let our AI retranslate all the data back into English for you to analyse. 

  • Get benchmark data. 

  • Filter and make sense of all the data, based on role-based log ins.

  • Collaborate on projects across geographically distributed teams.

  • Get expert comments on board.

  • Create interventions and keep innovating.

Our Enterprise Feedback Management Software is responsive on modern browser and devices, without the need to download any app.

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