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Reduce Your Hiring Workload By > 90%

Stop wasting your time looking at resumes to fill each job.

Your organisation has a myriad series of intricate problems that need to be solved and opportunities that need to be capitalised upon. You need the right talent, at the right time, at the right price, with the right character, right competencies and hopefully with the right capacity to grow as your organisation’s needs grow.


So, you put up job advertisements and invited candidates to apply. But you still have the massive problem of going through an endless number of resumes and navigating untruths in an attempt to shortlist the candidates that meet your job, salary and cultural fit.

With CusJo's Job Application Analytics, you no longer need to waste time and money looking through 100s & 1000s of thousands of resumes to find the right candidate, with the right experience, at the right time, for the right job, at the right remuneration.

Our Employee Job Application Analytics has reverse-engineers the job application process to allow you to go from 100s and 1000s of applicants to identify the handful of candidates who match your job, salary and cultural fit immediately. It's what executive search firms do and call bullseyeing. Except now you can do it yourself without paying them an arm and a leg for every new hire.  

Analyse: Job applications in a structured format. 

Benefits: Experience the time and money saved by slicing and dicing through tons of data based on your preferred filters such as remuneration, experience, core competency and so on. Then look at resumes, cover letters, images, videos and other relevant attachments as an afterthought so you don’t suffer from cognitive bias in hiring the best candidate possible. It's a much more productive way of doing things.


Use Our Templated Job Application Methodology. 


Zoom In On The Talent You Need To Move Forward On In Less Than 1 Hour.

Build Your Employee Job Application Analytics. 


Ask The Demographics,  Salary, Competencies, Personality, Availability & Pre-Interview Questions You Need, Before Setting Up Provisions For Their Pay Slips, Certificates, Cover Letters & Resumes Too. 

Publish Customised Vanity URLs Across Your Job Sites To Organise "Interviews". 


No More Having Resumes Horrifyingly Scattered All Over Your Email Inbox.

Filter Job Applicants According To Your Criteria


Bullseye In On The Candidates That Match Your Specific Requirements & Leave The Rest Alone For Other Jobs.

Discover From 1000s, The Handful Of Candidates You Need To Take Forward. 


Claim Back The Time You've Been Wasting For Years.

Look At Their Cover Letters & Resumes As An After Thought To Discover What Differentiates Them.


Not As A Head Scratching Fore Thought That Sends You On A Wild Goose Chase.

91% Less Time Looking Through Resumes. 

83% Less Time Conducting Interviews.

77% Less Time Training & Retraining New Hires.

 Avoid Being The Victim Of Resume Padding & Fraud.


See Crucial Data Exactly The Way You Want To See It.

Know Everything You Need To Know Before Even Inviting Them In For An Interview. 


Make All The Things Candidates Tend To Hide Perfetly Visible Up Front.

Cut Through Work & Noise To Get What You Need Fast.

Then, Feel Free To Celebrate All The Extra Time You Have Found For The Other Things In Life.

CusJo Kickstarts Your Employee Journey On The Right Foot.


Start With Job Application Analytics Then Move On To Bigger & Better Things. 


You Can't  Leave Hiring The Best Candidates Possible To Chance.

You no longer have to maintain 18 - 20 different vendor relationships, pay for endless consultancy projects or hire a new staff and teams to run each new employee initiative in your organisation.


CusJo's Employe Engagement Suite is an end-to-end talent intelligence solution that gives your organisation real-time people analytics at every stage of your talent journey. 

It covers the 3 critical stages of an employees journey from recruitment to empowerment to growth. It helps an organisation to fulfil it's profitability and performance motives, while also assisting employees to enjoy a higher level of fulfilment. This helps organisations create a better employee culture and experience. It increases frequency and depth of positive interaction and contribution. It reduces attrition, creates a stronger sense of belonging and responsibility, leads to better customer experience and increases the top and bottom line. 

On the employee side, it gives employees an ongoing voice 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year through its various initiatives. It encourages employees to be partners in co-creating the culture of an organisation.


At minimum an Employee Engagement Suite covers the following areas across the the 3 distinct areas of recruitment, empowerment and growth.  


Employee Job Application Analytics

Employee Competency Assessment Analytics

Employee Job Suitability Evaluation Analytics

Employee Reference Check Analytics

Employee Onboarding Analytics


Employee Pulse Survey Analytics

Employee Cultural Gap Assessment Analytics

Employee 360 Degree Feedback Analytics

Employee Performance Appraisal Analytics

Employee Engagement Analysis

Employee Dialogue Analysis

Employee Townhall Q&A Analytics

Employee State Interview Analytics


Employee Training & Development Analytics

Employee Coaching / Mentoring Analytics

Employee Succession Planning Analytics

Employee Feedback Analytics

Employee Exit Interview Analytics

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