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Employee Experience Benchmarking Surveys

If You Say Your Employees Are Your Biggest Asset, Shouldn't You Be Innovating From Recruitment To Growth?

Enjoy the world's most comprehensive employee experience management benchmarking surveys, to know what is happening starting with recruitment to engagement to exit. 


CusJo's Employee Experience Management Benchmarking turns employees into fulfilled high performing teams. Transform every stage of your talent journey from pre-hiring to empowerment to growth. We'll help you get the real-time intelligence you need to ensure a healthier bottom line through our AI-enhanced technologies and expert consulting. It's one technology platform for all your HR Tech needs.

Simple yet sophisticated. Plug and play convenience that works for the Fortune 100, largest MNCs and startups going places too.

It's the #1 choice for smart human resource and human capital professionals who want to reduce their time and workload, while having impressive actionable intelligence at their fingertips. 

So, what employee intelligence do you need today?

CusJo - Employee Engagement

Recruitment Phase

Employee Job Application Survey

Save > 90% of your time looking through resumes to find the right employee.

You no longer need to waste time and money looking through 100s of thousands of resumes to find the right candidate, with the right experience, at the right time, for the right job, at the right remuneration.

Our Employee Job Application Analytics reverse-engineers the job application process to allow you to go from 100s of thousands of options to identify the handful of candidates who match your job, salary and cultural fit immediately. 

Analyse: Job applications in a structured format. 

Employee Job Application Anaytics.png

Employee Competency Assessment Survey

Test for competency before you bring them in, or regret it thereafter.

Ever hired people cause you were desperate to hire and then discovered they don't actually have the necessary competencies to do the job? 

Don't fall victim to the competency claims of potential employees any longer.  Use CusJo to identity all the hiring needs of your organisation and develop specific competency tests for each of your hires. 

Analyse: Technical and non-technical competencies in an objective way, right up front.

Benefits: Hire the people with the right competencies to hit the ground running. Match them up with their character and capacity requirements. Ensure you only invite people who meet your criteria in for evaluation interviews. 

Employee Competency Anaytics.png

Employee Interview Evaluation Survey

Give everyone a fair voice in the job suitability evalutation and document it.


Conduct a 360 degree evaluation of the potential hire after the completion of their interview. Factor in the points of view of the HR representative, the hiring manager, the 1, 2 or 3 ups, his potential peers and well as the potential candidate’s subordinates and even internal and external customers if you so desire.

Analyse: Evaluation feedback from hiring manager in alignment with fair hiring practices.


Benefits: Evaluate and weigh out the candidate on different metrics of your choice including background (character, capacity, and competency) and cultural alignment with the organisation so you get a real-time summary towards hiring the best candidate possible.

Employee Interview Evaluation Analytics.

Employee Reference Check Survey

You would just let anybody stay in your house. So, why would you hire then without proper reference checks?

Reference checks are most important than you think. But getting consultancies to do them for every potential candidate is an expensive exercise. Don’t waste money on external reference checks. Do them comprehensively, internally. It's a faster, better and more affordable way.

Analyse: Endless references from referees for all your potential hires.

Benefits: Clearly verify the character, competency and capacity of the potential employee, know their personality, gather the person’s core strengths and weaknesses and document the demographic details of the person providing the reference. You can do this as many times as you’d like, by calling the referees or having the referees fill in their reference at their own convenience.

Employee Reference Check Analysis.png

Employee Onboarding Survey

Ensure your employees have the best chance to succeed from day 1.

On average, it takes more than 150 days to hire each new employee. You're investing a considerable amount of time, resources and energy on new hires. Shouldn't you ensure these employees have been onboarded successfully and are performing optimally, once they are handed over to their line managers?

Our Employee Onboarding Analytics is designed to help you stay on top of all your newly hired staff and to ensure they are onboarded optimally.

Analyse: Onboarding updates from new employees every few week at key moments, across 3 months, so you know how they are progressing and what needs to be paid attention to.

Benefits: Know an employees entire onboarding experience. Track the staff that they have interacted with, how they are doing on checklists such as your organisation’s engagement dimensions, what they liked about their experience, the things that can be improved and much more.

Employee Onboarding Analytics.png

Empowerment Phase

Employee Pulse Survey

You need a 24/7 365 pulse on how your employees are doing. We know how.

You can’t wait every year or two to get a snapshot of how things are going across your entire global organisation. Use our super short, simple and speedy Employee Pulse Analytics on an ongoing basis - 24/7/365 to get an anonymised and accurate sense of sentiments across your organisation in real-time.

Analyse: Ongoing pulse of your organisation.

Benefits: Create a culture of continuous improvement and engagement,  to encourage open and honest communication, measure real-time impact of initiatives, why things are succeeding or failing and the heartbeat before, during and after major institutional changes. Then use the summarised data to address what needs to be addressed confidently so your organisation functions at its best week-on-week, month-on-month, year-on-year.

Employee Pulse Analytics.png

Employee Cultural Gap Assessment Survey

Do you know the reality of how your culture stack up against your ideals?

Culture is nothing more or less that the collective mindset of all the people in your organisation.  Yet, if your organisation plans on delivering on its promise, you need to ensure your company's culture from top-to-bottom is healthy and aligned to your end objectives. The best CEOs know when we talk about people, we are really talking about culture, and culture is instrumental to recruiting, empowering and growing the top talent required to fulfil your organisational potential. 

Analyse: Measure and benchmark the culture of your organisation across multiple facets, encompassing every department and know how to bridge the gap between reality and your ideals. 

Benefits: When you genuinely measure and benchmark your company culture, you discover your strengths and where opportunities for improvements exist. You learn what needs to be re-communicated, re-incentivised and re-enforced. Know the gaps between your communicated values, vision, mission, purpose and practices and how to take things to the next level.

Employee Cultural Gap Analytics.png

Employee 360 Degree Feedback Survey

Give everyone the luxury of professional 360 feedback reports now.

Open up a channel for everyone to receive 360 feedback. Have them benefit from suggestions and improve and redirect their efforts as needed in an organised way.

Analyse: 360 feedback from stakeholders, managers, peers, subordinates, customers and self.


Benefits: Systematically help your employees remove blindspots, improve their performance, as well as create an opportunity to reward or recognise them for a job well done.

Employee 360 Degree Analysis.png

Employee Performance Appraisal Survey

If you are not measuring performance, you can't have a high performing organisation. 

Do regular performance reviews for your talent, to provide feedback on their performance all year long.

Analyse: Performance reviews from reviewing managers 

Benefits: Gain insights for making employment decisions such as promotions and pay raises in a consultative way with the talent being fully aware of his/her contribution, level of performance and shortcomings. Also use it to identify areas of improvements and more.

Employee Performance REview Analysis.png

Employee Engagement Survey

It's an annual benchmarked check on the state of your organisation.

Employee Engagement is a great indication of the overall health of the organisation. It gives great quantitative and qualitative analytics on how your entire organisation feels across the 9 core organisational dimensions of Affinity, Culture, Leadership, Manager, Team, Work, Growth, Rewards, Confidence as well as their numerous sub-dimensions.

Analyse: Engagement analytics to understand employee sentiments.

Benefits: Through our Employee Engagement Analytics, you can give your talent a strong voice, know how to increase engagement levels, direct organisational growth and get baseline analytics to benchmark your entire organisation against itself, over time, and across industries, nationally and globally too.

Employee Engagement Analytics.png

Employee Dialogue Survey

Have an ongoing conversation with your employees across every week of the year.

The open door policy no longer works in this era of extreme busyness. Yet you need to engage with your employees and get ongoing and evolving insights. This is the solution you did not know existed. 

Analyse: Qualitative data quantified for quick, ongoing and evolving insights. 

Benefits: Imagine you can have an ongoing conversation with all your colleagues without you having to come into infrequent annual town halls session. Imagine everyone having an open dialogue on a week-to-week basis at their own convenience and the data being shared to get everyone on the same page. This is no longer imagination, this is reality. 

Employee Dialogue Analytics.png

Employee Town Hall Q&A Survey

It's time to stop the Q&A, voting and liking boredom and get qualitative smarter.

Have you ever been to an event where they made you download some mobile app, ask a question and then force you to vote other people's questions up and down, for the application to work? Did you read through everyone else’s questions and uniformly vote them all up and down? Since you didn't, surely you don't think others would waste their time doing so either. Voting in this context, clearly does not surface consensus and is not representative of the majority. 

CusJo’s world’s 1st AI Consensus Engine (ACE) reads through all qualitative data in a way no human being can and automatically ranks them from the highest to the lowest consensus in mili-seconds. It’s context smart, 100% more accurate than voting and liking, and does instantaneous what it would take a human being the better part of  3 months to do. If you value your event, intelligence gathering, the intellect of your audience and your reputation, it's time to end the pointless voting and liking now.

You need accurate and actionable intelligence. ACE provides it. That’s what we call human intelligence, enhanced by AI.

Analyse: Qualitative data in a way you have never encountered before. CusJo's world's 1st AI Consensus Engine (ACE) is just the starting point. Be further amazed thereafter.

Benefits: Make it simple for your employees to ask questions, give answers, provide feedback and engage in a meaningful live conversation, whether they are physically in the room or not. Allow them to do live polls, engage in surveys and share the information back with them in real-time. Drive meaningful conversation with expert speakers and invite your audience to get involved in a way they have never been before. Get interactive on sensitive issues when the crowd is quiet and get them to engage anonymously with confidence. Use CusJo's Q&A Analytics for an endless series of things from keynotes, workshops, webinars, town hall sessions, conference, meetings, conventions, exhibitions, tech talks and in class room and educational settings. Don't take our word for it. Use and it you'll realise how much you love it.

Employee QnA Analytics.png

Employee State Interview Survey

Don't wait for good employees to leave. Do State Interviews to retain the good ones early.

By the time you get to an exit interview you are way too late to keep the good ones. 

Analyse your employees in state at various times of the year and get a sense of what's going on that might need to be addressed. 

Benefits: Reduce bad attrition by at least 50% all over your organisation. Develop a more intimate relationship with all your employees. Be on top of every little nuance of what's going on in your organisation and proactively do something about it. It's the way things should be done.

Employee State Interview Analytics.png

Growth Phase

Employee Training & Development Survey

9 things we do for you when it come to training. From needs analysis to post training efficacy.

Training and development is a wide and deep space that has been neglected by most organisations. Let's pay attention to it. It's a big investment on your organisation's part, which CusJo's technology will start to pay big dividends on.

Analyse, at least 9 stages of your training and development efforts and transform the nature of pedagogy forever.

Benefits start with 1) Training Needs Analysis, 2) Program scheduling, resource allocation along with registration, 3) Sending out reminders and registering participants for programmes, 4) Getting participants intelligence to help the facilitator appreciate the inclinations and training needs before the program starts, 5) Program check ins, 6) In program QnA analytics using CusJo's ACE, 7) In moment experience on modules, 8) Course feedback, and 9) Post course efficacy checks. It's comprehensive. It's amazing.

Employee Training & Development Analytic

Employee Coaching / Mentoring Survey

You would just let anybody stay in your house. So, why would you hire then without proper reference checks?

If you’re investing in coaching and mentoring your high value individuals, Employee Coaching / Mentoring Analytics will help you on multiple fronts to give you a clear sense as to how things are progressing, what is happening in each coaching session, what’s working and what’s not and what you need to do to improve the efficacy of future coaching and mentoring programs.

Analyse coaches / coachees on their progression through your coaching / mentoring initiatives. 

Benefits: Use it to 1) match make coaches with coaches and reduce you work on that front by more than 70%. 2) Factor in the point of views of both the Coach/Mentor and Coachee/Mentee as they define and endeavour towards achieving professional and personal goals faster, with greater ease. 3) Track each coaching session till the completion of the initiative 4) Get post coach / coachee feedback from each party  use the analytics to improve the structure and outcomes of future coaching and mentoring programs.

Employee Coach Matching Analytics.png

Employee Succession Planning Survey

You would just let anybody stay in your house. So, why would you hire then without proper reference checks?

Preparing employees to step into roles as your organisation grows and expands its services can prove to be very challenging, expensive and time consuming. Well, that is why employee succession planning is a critical activity. It ensures organisations are well-positioned to continue performing while minimising the impact of losing key talent and leaders.

Analyse: Nominators on the nominations and their assessment of the nominees.

Benefits: Identify and develop new successors for existing or new positions as your organisations evolves to cater to changing needs. Establish a thick succession planning pipeline by identifying the right talent, skills and experiences in advance while preparing your talent to progression towards filling key positions in the organisation. This absolutely cannot be left to the last minute.

Employee Succession Planning Analytics.p

Employee Feedback Survey

Because feedback and internal whistleblowing can save your organisation.

A secured and confidential system for getting regular, broad-based and year round feedback from employees. It’s necessary and we make it so easy.

Analyse: Anonymised or non-anonymised feedback from concerned talents. 

Benefits: Receive suggestions for improvements or even whistle blowing for uncovering malpractices within the organisation so they can be addressed internally and not be taken into the pubic domain.

Employee Feedback & Whistleblowing Analy

Employee Exit Interview Survey

Get a sense as to where things went wrong and where you need to correct.

Reference checks are most important than you think. But getting consultancies to do them for every potential candidate is an expensive exercise. Don’t waste money on external reference checks. Do them comprehensively, internally. It's a faster, better and more affordable way.

Analyse: Endless references from referees for all your potential hires.

Benefits: Clearly verify the character, competency and capacity of the potential employee, know their personality, gather the person’s core strengths and weaknesses and document the demographic details of the person providing the reference. You can do this as many times as you’d like, by calling the referees or having the referees fill in their reference at their own convenience.

Employee Exit Analytics.png

What Is Employee Engagement Benchmarking?

An Employe Engagement Benchmarking is an end-to-end talent intelligence solution that gives your organisation real-time people analytics at every stage of your talent journey. 

It covers the 3 critical stages of an employees journey from recruitment to empowerment to growth. It helps an organisation to fulfil it's profitability and performance motives, while also assisting employees to enjoy a higher level of fulfilment. This helps organisations create a better employee culture and experience. It increases frequency and depth of positive interaction and contribution. It reduces attrition, creates a stronger sense of belonging and responsibility, leads to better customer experience and increases the top and bottom line. 

On the employee side, it gives employees an ongoing voice 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year through its various initiatives. It encourages employees to be partners in co-creating the culture of an organisation.


Employee Engagement Benchmarking covers the following areas across the the 3 distinct areas of recruitment, empowerment and growth.  


Employee Job Application Analytics

Employee Competency Assessment Analytics

Employee Job Suitability Evaluation Analytics

Employee Reference Check Analytics

Employee Onboarding Analytics


Employee Pulse Survey Analytics

Employee Cultural Gap Assessment Analytics

Employee 360 Degree Feedback Analytics

Employee Performance Appraisal Analytics

Employee Engagement Analysis

Employee Dialogue Analysis

Employee Townhall Q&A Analytics

Employee State Interview Analytics


Employee Training & Development Analytics

Employee Coaching / Mentoring Analytics

Employee Succession Planning Analytics

Employee Feedback Analytics

Employee Exit Interview Analytics

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