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Customer Experience Benchmarking Surveys

Do You Know Customer Experience Is The Ultimate Predictive Indicator Of Your Organisation's Success Or Failure?

It's time to know in real-time, across all internal and external touch points, what your customers genuinely feel about you and where you stand in relation to your industry, sub-industry and direct competitors. CusJo will enable your key staff to recover situations, innovate and empower advocates. Your profitability and the future of your organisation depends upon it.


Get CusJo's Customer Experience Benchmarking and turn every customer experience at every touchpoint into an opportunity to build greater customer intimacy and boost profits. Transform experience into profits with the world’s most comprehensive intelligence gathering + AI analytics platform. It's what the world’s most prominent brands do to get predictive customer analytics and act on them to impact their bottom line.

Be a smart organisation. Give every customer the option of effortlessly engaging you on their terms, at their convenience via more than 17 channel including QR codes, chatbots, websites, social media, mobile apps, messaging apps, emails, SMS, call centres, marketing collateral, snail mail, physical products, live events, locational devices, videos, field work and others.  

So, what CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE (CI) do you need today?

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Engage Every Customer

Build customer intimacy, at scale, like never before. 

 Give all your customers the opportunity to connect with you at any stage of their journey - before, during and after - at their convenience and on their terms. Establish more than 17 channels of engagement with ease. Make customer engagement work for your customers with little or no additional work on your part. 

How? Through brief natural conversations at all moments of truth that matter. Allow your customers to get straight to the point and share meaningful insights that will assist you serve their needs and build greater customer intimacy and affinity.

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Know Their Preferences In Real-Time

Discover what's working and not working. Let our AI do the work for you.

You can’t talk to every customer, every day, all the time, but CusJo's platform can. Know what each of the customer needs, wants and desires in real-time. Allow CusJo's AI technologies to make sense of hard to understand qualitative data in a 106 languages and show you the consensus by all your demographic segments.


Identify problems as they are happening, so things don't snowball out of control. Know what's delighting your customers so you can do more of it faster, better and in a more affordable way. 

Get yourself a crystal ball of knowing, that you quite simply never had before.

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Innovate Your Value Proposition

Unleash creativity to accelerate ahead of the competition and lead your industry.

Catalyse every employee. Starve off obsolescence by moving staff up the value chain to be data driven innovators. Promote real-time collaboration between staff and customers, be they next to each other or half way around the world. Translate engagement and knowledge into worthwhile re-invention of your people, products & services, processes, procedures & policy, places and philosophical dimensions. 

Visibly derive the benefits of putting the right data in front of the right person, with role-based Admin, Executive, Manager and Frontline access. Put your customer at the centre of all your efforts and watch your profitability soar. 

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What Are Customer Experience Benchmarking Surveys?

Customer Experience Benchmarking Surveys hep you know where you stand in relation to your competitors at every stage of your customer journey. It is a suite of comprehensive customer experience (CX) intelligence solutions that gives your organisation real-time customer analytics to out innovate your competitors. 

It covers the 3 critical stages of your customers' before, during and after journey at every touch point that matters to your customer and you. It allows all your customers to connect with you at their convenience via QR Codes and URLs across more than 17 channels of engagement.

Customer Experience Benchmarking allows you to know your customers' preferences in real-time and establish what's working and what's not working. This helps identify problems as they are happening, so things don't snowball out of control. 

The ultimate purpose of Customer Experience Benchmarking is to assist you to innovate your value proposition, unleash the creativity of your staff and help you to accelerate ahead of the competition and lead your industry.

Customer Experience Benchmarking allows your customers to provide you with the intelligence you need 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week across 365 days, through a combination of the following relevant solutions. 

Customer AB Testing Analytics

Customer Affiliate Analytics

Customer Contact Analytics

Customer Demo Request Analytics

Customer Driven Business Analytics

Customer Event Experience Analytics

Customer Experience Analytics

Customer Experience Market Research Analytics

Customer Feedback Analytics

Customer Ideas Analytics

Customer Net Promoter Score Analytics

Customer Referral Analytics

Customer Service Centre Analytics

Customer Service Analytics

Customer Story Analytics

Customer Suggestion Box Analytics

Customer Support Analytics

Customer Website Feedback Analytics

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