The Smartest Way To Know How You Are Performing Against Your Competitors & The Best.

Know Where You Stand, At Every Moment.

Real-Time Technology. AI Enhanced Analytics. At Every Customer Touchpoint.

Your customers don't care if you are in an "A" Mall or a "D" Mall. They also expect the same level of customer centricity whether you are a top global brand, an established regional business, a government agency or a small upstart making your name in the world. 

You know, if you don't get regular customer experience analytics for yourself and benchmark yourself against your competitors and the industry, you can't really be improving your overall customer experience in any intelligent way. Outstanding leaders and organisations know the value of real-time customer experience benchmarking. The smartest use it to their advantage to out-innovate the competition. It leads to higher profitability, improved staff performance and better customer intimacy, loyalty and advocacy. 

This is exactly why leading international organisations and Fortune 500 companies, look no further than CusJo to enhance their customer experiences though our customer experience benchmarking.


1) How you compare to your direct competitors.

2) What your customers desire.

3) The changing trends you need to pay attention to. 

4) How to make sure you stand out.

5) Your NPS against your touchpoints and the market.

6) Best-in-class customer experience strategies.

7) Your Improvements over time.

Benchmark Your Customer Experience

Against The Best, Internationally.






In addition to 1000s of brands for you to benchmark yourself against. 







Louis Vuitton





Tiffany & Co.


You Will Receive Immediate:


Benchmarks on how you are performing against yourself, your competitors and industry.

The How, What, Who, Where & Why

Use Our Expertly Crafted Customer Experience Methodology. 


It Is Fast For Your Customers To Fill In And Meaningful For You To Analyse.

Feel Free To Add To The Benchmark Methodology. 


Get The Specific Insights You Desire, That Are Unique To You. 

Publish Unique Vanity URLs For Each Of Your Touchpoint.


Including Social Media, So You Can Benchmark Them.

Filter Your Results Live To Gain Deeper Insights.


Know Precisely What Needs To  Be Improved At Every Touchpoint.

Track Every Customer Experience Feedback.


Know What Is Happening Across Your Customer Touchpoints Without Even Having To Be There. 

Let Our AI Consensus Engine (ACE) & Automated AI Reports Tell You What Is Most Important.


Then Act On What Will Give You The Highest Return First. 

You Can't Be Perfect 


But You Can Make Small Improvements To Continuously Beat The Industry Benchmarks.

 Make Your Team Work Smarter.


By Giving Them The Right Benchmark Data To Make Intelligent Improvements. 

Map Your Global Organisation Hierarchically. 

And Give The Right People The Right Data With Role and Geographical Based Log Ins. 

Gain The Confidence You Need To Make The Right Decisions. 


Every Single Time, At Every Single Customer Touchpoint.