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Are You A Seriously Talented Professional?

If You Are Come Work With, Learn From And Be The Best. Our Customers Are All Over The World. It's Only Right Our Staff Are Global Too. Be Prepared And Commit To Do The Best Work Of Your Life Over A Decade, Not Just For Three Or Five Years.

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Work From Anywhere

At CusJo we put the world in your hands. We feel experiences  broaden the mind, are good for the soul and great for innovation too. As long as you have a quality laptop & mobile phone, a great internet connection, are in prompt communication, and disciplined in delivering great quality work within time, we encourage you to Work From Anywhere (WFA).


Spend a month in Rome, another in Hawaii and work from wherever your heart desires. 

Flexible Hours

We are sensitive to the changing priorities of your life. Circumstances may dictate you need to work a 3 or 4 day week. Make the choice of spending quality time with a grandparent, nurturing time with your child or working Tuesday and Thursday mornings exclusively on coaching your school football team. Maybe you are a nightbird and do your best work from 10pm onwards or would like to start work at 4am sharp.

We bend over backwards, we know you will too.

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Upskill Relentlessly

Sharpening your saw is a must, in a relentlessly fast paced world. 


Spend an hour a week on a Harvard University course learning Artificial Intelligence or Python, or on Coursera brushing up your Leadership Skills. Follow your life long passion in relation to the Pyramids of Giza or sit in on a Google Talk from one of the foremost experts in their field. Whatever your choice we want you to be better.

Be Creative

We love innovators. True professionals complete their work ahead of time, and deliver quality that surpasses expectations. At CusJo your focus on excellence and deliverables opens up new worlds for you. 

Get great at what you do, so you can spend Friday afternoons working on your innovative new project. Make your mark by making it central to what we do.

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Fully Paid Sabbatical

A sabbatical is an opportunity to recharge, reconnect and reinvent yourself. Most people never get a chance to take a sabbatical. The exceedingly few who do, need to resign from their jobs, eat into their own expenses just to have that opportunity. At CusJo, after every 5 years, you enjoy a 5 week, fully paid sabbatical.


Go to the Himalayas and mediate or write a book of short stories. Whatever makes your heart sing.

A Career At CusJo Affords Opportunities

We Live By A Few Mantras. One Of Them Is, "What Is Now An Opportunity For?".

Live Meaningfully

Most people are born, try to be good human beings, attempt to make ends meet and then pass on.

We at CusJo think life should be about more than just being remembered by your family, a few friends and maybe two generations of descendants. Since life is short, we invite you to do great work, from anywhere in the world and live meaningfully every single day.

Be The Best You Can Be  

Work occupies such a significant portion of our lives. It's how we earn our keep in the world and support ourselves, our family and loved ones. 


We at CusJo feel work should be an expression of who you are as a human being. An opportunity to be the best you can be, to own something, do great work and watch your efforts bear fruit.

Impact Lives Positively

Everybody cannot make a big dent in the universe. But each of us, in our own way can make a small daily dent in our universe.  

We at CusJo know great experiences uplift peoples' lives. Seize the opportunity to impact lives positively, every single day. Customer experience does truly matters.

Be The Difference 

Everybody wants to do some good in the world and make a difference. Most will never be given an option to do it in the course of their work. Very few will make the time to do it outside of their work.

We believe you should be doing good through your work. Your work is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. At CusJo you can be the difference, that makes a difference.

Exemplify Standards

Most organisations are easy to get into. All you need to do is showcase good grades or a reasonable track record. But grades and track records showcase yesterday, not today and tomorrow. They also don't fit culture and merit.

A CusJo interview gives everyone an equal opportunity to showcase how great you presently are and can be. ​​​We feel life is about standards, and  we should only settle for less the highest.

Our Interview Process

Scientifically Designed To Ensure You Can Do The Job And Be Great At It.

Skills Based & Future Meta Skills

We need to be every selective of who and what we put our energy into. We believe there is no point hiring you for a job you can't do or be great at. It will frustrate you as much as it will frustrate us. Sooner or later, we will have to let you go as you will become a victim of your own self-deception. This will be because you either can't do or can't step up to the evolving expectations of the job. Not everybody is willing to put in the effort to be the best version of themselves they can be and has the meta skills the future desires. We've learnt the hard way.

A Long Term Professional & Personal Development Opportunity

Ideally, we want to give you an opportunity to do at least 10 years of great work, without having to jump from one job to another, and to be very handsomely rewarded for it. So, we have designed a very thorough process, involving multiple tests, to fully appreciate what you can bring to the table today and potentially tomorrow. Each interview is designed to ensure your suitability for the job and give you some indication of what it takes for you to be great.

An Equal Opportunity To Showcase Your Talents 

Inequality, is still rife globally. We strongly feel everybody should have an equal opportunity to showcase how good they are and can be, quantitatively and qualitatively, and be hired on merit. This is regardless of race, ethnicity, ancestry, clan, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, citizenship, marital status, disability or even where in the world you are. For seriously talented professionals, a CusJo interview is a fun and challenging experience. It shows you where you stand. If you are not up to it however, don't understand the logic and the process of how progressive organisations hire, it will be foreign to you. The best however find it to be a true pleasure. Our interview process is scientifically designed. It benchmarks your technical and english proficiency to separate you from others, and earns you a technical screener. If you pass your technical screener, we'll afford you a psychometric and product aptitude test, so a purposeful job interview can be scheduled for you. All the steps in the interview process are an opportunity for you to showcase how much better you are in relation to other good candidates. 

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You Will Be Tested Across The Following

Fun, Challenging & Learning Experiences, Even If You Don't Get To Join Us Now.

Competency Test

The truth is, if you can't prove through a practical test that you have the basic competencies to do the job, you simply can't be trusted to be hired. 

Doing great at your CusJo competency test is what opens the door to everything else. Your salary is a function of the value you add (and subtract), if we were to hire you. You have to earn it on deliverables and merit, and hold your head up high.

Communication Test

Clear and precise communication in a team is fundamental to productivity and living a high quality life. Untimely and poor communication leads to missed opportunities, misappreciation, misunderstanding and misapplication of effort. The opposite is also true.

If you are a proficient user of the English language, we'll give you the environment to keep improving your communication skills.

Psychometric Test

You cannot do good work with bad people. Even if you are highly competent, know everything there is to know about our product and are an exceptional communicator, it will all unravel for you and us if you have poor character.


We all have our lapses and blindspot as we go through life.  But red flags and habitual lapses will prevent you going far in life, as at CusJo too. So, come be at your best. Carve out an amazing life.

Product Aptitude Test

To do great work you have to love the product you are working on, and know every bit of it intimately.


You also need to know alternative products well, and analyse their strengths ​and weaknesses in relation to yours. If you don't, you will never be able to truly innovate and make a positive impact in the lives of those that use it. 

Cultural Fit

We take great pride in deliver​ing the best possible product, within budget and time. We put customers alongside the team and both before ourselves. We keep the big picture in mind, but never overlook the fine details while pursuing enlightened ideals.

So can we hire you if you can't deliver great results on your tests, be punctual, appreciate the intricate details of our product, and have a conversation with us on larger issues?

Other Things We Value

These Are Just A Few Amongst Many You Will Have An Opportunity To Exemplify.


Proactivity is about inducing positive change ahead of time. Most people are reactive. They wait and see what happens and then act accordingly. Proactivity requires you to see ahead and often around corners, and get into action to resolve issues long before they become a problem.


People who don't take responsibility for their work and life fall shot. They are often seen engaging in arguments, apportioning blame, complaining, being in denial, making excuses, finding fault, feeling guilty, experiencing hated and keeping themselves ignorant. When people don't take responsibility for delivering great results, they open themselves up to being held accountable. Responsibility does not have to be given, it is taken.


At CusJo creativity is about ideas, invention is about productisation and innovation is about profitable commercialisation.


If there is a wall in their way, innovative people figure out how to get over, under, around or through it without doing anything immoral, unethical or illegal.


To commit yourself is to cut off all other options and focus on the outcome of what you need to deliver. Until one is committed there is always hesitancy and ineffectiveness. But once one is committed to deliver what is required, all manner of things happen to assist in the achievement of that goal. 


Excellence is never an accident. It is not something anyone is born with. It needs to be honed and showcased in the context of your work. It's fruits are the reward of a lifetime of doing your absolute best at every little thing, even though most apart from you will never notice them.  


Service is the willingness to put the interest of another human being above your own. In an organisational setting, one needs to be willing to put the interest of your colleagues and customers ahead of yourself if one truly desires to make a significant and fulfilling difference in one's life.


Mastery in your career requires you to remove all mediocrity from your life and surround yourself with people who ask more of you. It necessitates you being open and receptive to new ideas, correcting yourself and being committed to technical excellence. Your reward? Producing results beyond the ordinary and achieving professional and personal mastery.

Confident Businessman

At CusJo, We Have One Aim In View. To Be The World's Most Innovative Enterprise Survey Platform - Loved By Our Customers And You.

So Show Us You Have What It Takes Professionally & Personally By Excelling During Your Tests & Interview. Come Be A Part Of Something Great. 

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