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Best Practices For Live Audience Engagement 

Follow the following guidelines. Give everyone a chance to make their voice heard.

What Are The Top 7 Live Audience Engagement Best Practices?


Do your check in,  audience engagement q&A and feedback at one go.

Take your audience on one seamless journey from check in, to live Q & A to event feedback on one platform. Allow one action to lead to the next elegantly. 



Do before event promotion across all available media.

Put the URLs and QR Codes across all your channels. Send them out via whatsapp, instagram, facebook, linkedin, etc. and repeatedly invite participation in advance.


This way you will get some critical mass going as well as get some sense of what the consensus is so your key people can prepare answers ahead of time.


Have your EMCEE introduce your live Q & A and get everyone to go to the URL.

Also fill them in that they do not have to read other people's questions and neither do they need to vote comments up and down and that CusJo's AI Consensus Engine (ACE) will do it for them. Inform them they can focus on asking questions and listening to the answers instead. Then put aside a minute to give them an opportunity to ask at least a question each.


Make QR codes and URLs visible at venue everywhere.

Place both the wifi access codes and the QR Codes and URLs on the back on name tags, on tables as tent cards, brochures, flyers, on standees and projection screens for each segment of your event. This way they are easy to access and you will gain higher participation.


Have "pause for collective thought" breaks.

Before as well as during each segment, do a "pause for collective thought" break. Tell your audience you are going to pause for a minute to give them an opportunity to collect their thoughts and ask questions that are important to them.


Project results live onto the screen.

Project the results live onto the screen. This way the moment someone had submitted a question, they can look up at the screen and see that their question had been added to the pool and factored into the CusJo's AI Consensus Engine. This makes the process transparent and boosts the confidence of everyone that they have a fair and independent voice.


Make it fun by going beyond consensus.


Dissect the conversation from every angle. Start with a live showcase of questions, then switch over to consensus. Next showcase positivity and negativity surrounding an issue as well as cluster analysis and associated themes. Find out what the vocal minority thinks about issues and tackle them appropriately either during or post the event. Enjoy a series of endless ways to make sense of the intelligence you have gotten. 

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