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The Best Survey Software For Enterprises

Find out first hand why our customers prefer CusJo to Qualtrics, Medallia, Google Forms, Surveymonkey, Typeform and consultancies like Ernst & Young, McKinsey, Deloitte, KPMG, AON, Willis Tower Watson & others.

Our customers in their delight have described us in many a wonderful ways.


The Swiss Army Knife for organisational intelligence. The Amazon for people analytics. The Google for human insights. We however, like to think of ourselves as iPhone with an endless series of apps for employee, customer, product, brand and market experience.


Whatever your intelligence needs, CusJo has a methodology for that. And if we don't, in less than an hour (with no programming knowledge required) you can build it for yourself. It's sophistication made simple, and so very valuable.

Market, Customer & Talent Intelligence AI
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