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All The Best Survey Features In One Software

You'll Wonder How You Got By Without CusJo.

Super Easy Step by Step Process.png

CusJo Is Super Fast, Simple & Oh So Easy. 

We're plug and play. Be up and running in less than 1 hour. Just follow the steps to go from Build to Analyse.


You'll love every wonderful step along the way.

CusJo AI Consensus Engine.png

The World's 1st AI Consensus Engine.

It does 3 months worth of qualitative data analysis work faster than you can snap your fingers.

3 Frameworks.png

3 Frameworks To Run Your Entire Business. 

We're mapped your entire talent, customer and market journey. All you need to do is get started on benefiting from it.

AI for Customer Intelligence.png

AI for Customer Intelligence.

Map your entire customer journey. The before, during and after of your customer experience in one place. With full visibility for administrators, executives, managers and frontliners, for them to recover and innovate situations.

CusJo Templates.png

Pick A Template To Start.

 At the click of a button on any device. Including your mobile phone, without having to download any mobile app.

Customise Methodology.png

Customise / Rebuild The Methodology & Questions To Your Desire.

Get the best of both worlds.


Leave the benchmark questions alone and add whatever other questions you would like to. 

Our 18 Question types give you the flexibility of getting all your quantitative and qualitative questions answered. 

CusJo In 106 Languages Globally.png

Translate Your Survey Methodology Into 106 Languages.

CusJo speaks everything but Klingon.

tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'?



Preview Your Masterpiece.

Choose between the one-pager and non-one-pager (pagination) mode and dry run your customer experience before publishing.


Map Your Organisation For Hierarchically Benchmarking.

Whether you are a MNC that is spread over 5 continents or a more humble startup or SME who wants to map things down to every department, CusJo works for you.


And did you mention this comes with data portability? Well it does. So you can do a complete re-org and all the data goes along with the changes. 

QR Codes URLs Social Media.png

Get Vanity URLs, QR Codes, Embedded URLs & Social Media Propagation.

So many options to distribute your forms conveniently and start getting respondents fast.

Customise Email Templates.png

Customise Email Templates.

Create specific emails for each stage from invitation to log in, reminders to log in, partial completes and completes.


Automate the process elegantly at one go, so you have more time on your hands. 

Respond In 106 Languages.png

Allow Participants To Respond In 106 Languages.

Start off with English as a default and allow them to pick and choose from all the languages you've enables through a straightforward dropdown.

CusJo will instantly retranslate everything back into English for you to analyse.


Track Meta Interactions.

Get a clear sense of how people are engaging your initiatives. 

Know the number of visits, completes, average, maximum and minimum times, unique IPs of visits and IPs of completes.


Even get data on the types of devices and which social media sites engagement is coming from.

NPS Satisfaction & Happiness.png

Automated Net Promoter Scores, Satisfaction to Dissatisfaction & Happiness to Unhappiness Ratios.

Know your NPS, Satisfaction and Happiness Ratios where appropriate automatically, depending whether you enable a 0 -10 Likert Scale or not. 

CusJo Actionable Insights.png

Timely Actionable Insights.

Remove your blind spots and discover what you did not know you did not know, to take you so much further.

CusJo ACE.png

Know The Consensus Without Voting.

Remove all the inefficiencies and problems that come with getting people to vote / like points of views up and down. 


Our AI Consensus Engine, is context smart, reads everything in lightning quick time and tell you the consensus in your data on demand. 

It's a kind of magic, that human simply can't do.

CusJo Qualitative Depth Analysis.png

Find Your Vocal Minority And Learn How To Engage Them.

How do you discover your vocal minority? 


With CusJo it's at the click a button. Hear the depth in people's point of view for better of worse and appreciate where they are coming from. This was data you simply did not know how to access before. Well, now you can.


Weightage To Create Complex Tests, Quizzes & Assessments

Create technical & non-technical competency tests, do personality profiling, product aptitude test, questionnaires and fun quizzes.

Open up your imagine and chances are good CusJo is flexible enough to make it a reality.

CusJo Entity Classification Analysis.png

Entity Classification For Overall Appreciation.

If you need to innovate, you need to know what needs to be innovated. CusJo classifies all entities by People, Products, Processes, Place, Philosophy and Other classifications for your real-time sensing and sense making.


This way you know the broad areas that need to be tackled and in which order.

CusJo Ranking Of Dimensional Strenghts &

Rank By Dimensional Strengths & Weaknesses

See everything summarised and benchmarked for a quick overview as to where everything stands in relation to everything else.

CusJo Choice Heatmapping.png

Choice Heatmaps

Every wondered how all the choice options stacked up against each other.


Wonder no more. Just be in wonder at the data instead.

Filter Reports.png

Generate Endless AI-enhanced Reports.

Create any report you want based on any metrics you would like to see. 

Run organisation, questions and time filters. Turn on or off benchmark settings and shift your benchmarking around based on the demographics you captured. It's unbelievably easy.

Fluffy Clouds

Cloud Access - Anytime from Anywhere.

With our cloud infrastructure, redundant data storage and 99.9% uptime, your data is always available, anywhere and anytime you require.

CusJo - Market, Customer & Talent Intell

1 AI Platform For All Your Intelligence Needs.

Do all sorts of customer experience, employee experience and market research experience surveys and get real-time  benchmarks. CusJo is endless in its sophistication and capabilities. It will amaze you to no end.

CusJo Templates.png

> 150 Professional Methodologies & Templates At Your Fingertips.

CusJo saves you > USD 2.5 million on consultancy immediately. 

Whatever your challenge, we have a template for that. Feel free to replicate your own existing surveys as well. And if both you and we do not have the  survey methodology you need, just tell us what you need and we'll build a statistically validated survey methodology just for you. 

AI for Employee Intelligence.png

AI for Employee Intelligence.

Get intelligence across your entire talent journey from the recruitment to the empowerment to the growth stages.Start anywhere you'd like from employee engage surveys to exit interview surveys to recruitment questionnaires. We have more than 15 employee survey solutions just waiting for you to get going on. 

AI for Market Intelligence.png

AI for Market Research.

The market is always changing and those who capitalise on it are those you get and act on intelligence faster than others. CusJo helps you get real-time intelligence on your markets, segments, brands, profiles and concepts, then innovate to be the leader in your market. 

Template Preview.png

Preview The Template.

Get a sense of the methodology by reading through all the rating, choice, text questions along with the intro, prompts and all the other things that make a professional survey great. It will give you a sense of how you can customise the template perfectly to match your specific needs. 

CusJo Voice Module.png

Even Enable Voice Based Intelligence.

Allow your employees, customers and potential customers to input voice data. It's faster than typing  conversations and you get to hear the emotions, cadence and intonation of people when answering questions. And let CusJo's AI Engine transcribe it and do its qualitative data analysis magic for you in a heartbeat.


Theme It Fully To Your Brand.

Your brand, brand attributes and identity matters. If you genuinely care about your brand and your internal and external customer experience, then CusJo is the choice for you. 

Create Organisational Hierarchy.png

Create Organisational Hierarchy.

Add in the registered name of the organisation, division, department or touchpoint. Then create a vanity URL for them. Tag them by Industry if necessary along with a host of important contact details and do this endless.


Publish Vanity URLs With Branded QR Codes.

No more unsightly and long URLs that make no sense. CusJo let's you publish beautiful vanity URLs and QR Codes with your brand name in them.


Send It To Everyone Via Email.

Take away tedious work. Let CusJo army of robots chase people to log in, continue with partial completes till you have as many completed respondents possible.

Don't chase people around. Your time it better spent on more higher value work.

Distribution Channels.png

Reach Out Through > 15 Channels.

Use the full flexibility of CusJo's platform to reach out to people on more than 15 distribution channels from WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, Chatbots, Websites and virtually anything else you can imagine.

CusJo Secure User Access.png

Create Secure Log-Ins For Your Staff To Have Real-Time Access To Intelligence.

Enable 4 Levels of access for Administrators, Executives, Managers and Frontliners, carved out by differing rights so the right intelligence gets to the right people at the right time for them to either recover situations or innovate in real-time.

CusJo Real Time Benchmarking.png

Real Time Benchmarking.

Know where you stand in relation to everyone else within your organisation, across the industry, sub-industry, nationally and globally too.

CusJo Automated AI Reports.png

Automated AI Report.

Let us pull together the reports you need in real-time so you don't need to spend weeks doing it every single time you need a new nugget of information.

CusJo Live Data Feed.png

Live Data Feed.

Watch time stamped qualitative intelligence come in so you are on top of the pulse of things in real-time.

CusJo Positive Sentiment Analysis.png

Know The Positivity As Well As Negativity Surrounding Any Issue.

Click a button and watch it do months worth of work in a second. Hear all the sentiments on both sides of the fence as well as the point of view of the neutral parties, so you get all sides of the story immediately to inform your decision making.

CusJo Entity Analysis.png

Discover Entities By Frequency And Sentiments.

Zoom into the highest recurring themes and areas of your interest with ease. Confidently make sense of intelligence to thoroughly appreciate an issue inside out.

CusJo Entity Association Analysis.png

Deeper Insights At The Speed Of Thought.

Want to get right into the heads of people and know intimately how they associate one idea with another? We'll deliver the data at the speed of thought.

We'll then pull it all together and give it the consensus and sentiment treatment to make your life even better.


Cluster Qualitative Data

See how your qualitative data groups. Discover what you did not realise correlates.  Appreciate the objects in the same cluster as being more similar to each other than to those in other clusters and know what you need to act on as a collective. 

CusJo Ranking Of Sub-Dimensional Strengh

Rank By Sub-Dimensional Strengths & Weaknesses Too

Sometime you just need to see the details more granularly. Well you can by sub-dimensions, in our summary views.

CusJo Correlation Analysis.png

Correlation Module

Discover which knobs when turned will impact other elements positively or negatively.


Become the conductor of intelligence in a way that was just not possible before.

Server Installation

Safe & Secure

Safe and secure servers behind high-end firewalls, with network security you can trust.

PDPA & GDPR compliant.

And you can scale your infrastructure as and when you need to.

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