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B2C Customer Experience Platform 

Benchmark customer experience at every point along the customer journey. 

Improve B2C Customer Experience Through Real-Time AI-Enhanced Actionable Insights.

See the world through your customers eyes along with B2C Industry Benchmarks.

  • Use our professional B2C customer experience methodologies. 

  • Create additional quantitative and qualitative questions specific to your company.

  • Theme everything to perfectly fit your brand guidelines. 

  • Publish it across every touchpoint globally after mapping your organisation hiierarchically.

  • Launch URLs, QR Codes across every physical and virtual touchpoint. 

  • Create role-based secure log ins for upper management, managers, executives and front-liners. 

  • Gain real-time insights delivered to all your key people.

  • Proactively reach out to customers via email and social media channels.

  • Get one version of the truth on one dashboard with multiple functionalities for everyone.

Everything B2C Customer Experience On One Platform.

You can't afford to ignore  or not be aware of your customers’ opinions. It's dangerous not to be in the know. Our B2C Customer Experience  platform enables you to have full-scale control over your customers’ experience to compete in a new hyper-competitive B2C world of omni channel . 

Capture Omni-Channel  Customer Experience  Data

  • Engage customers across every channel.

  • Web intercepts, mobile feedback, social  feedback, IoT devices, websites, emails, etc.

  • Combine feedback from every touchpoint.

  • Enable front lines employees too to share ideas and suggestions for improvements.

360 View Of Every Customer

  • Get a complete profile of every customer.

  • Gain deep insights  into each customer segment.

  • Predict behaviour.

  • Identify areas for improvement.

Realtime AI -Enhanced Reports & Analytics

  • Leverage a wide range of analytics and insights.

  • Give real-time insights fast  to various role-based stakeholders to act on.

  • Combine feedback from every touchpoint.

  • Enable front lines employees too to share ideas and suggestions for improvements.

Think  & Act Faster To Capture Customer Value

  • Turn detractors into promoters.

  • Ensure customer issues are being efficiently handled. 

  • Identify commonality of issues  to be addressed as a priority.

AI Powered  Customer Experience

  • Uncover hidden meaning in vast amounts of customer experience data from every online and offline  retail channel.

  • AI-enhanced qualitative data with consensus, sentiments, silent minority, text  analysis, associated keywords, theming, clusters, summary  and more.

  • AI-enhanced qualitative data benchmarking within your organisation, against your sub-industry, industry for choice and rating questions.

Fun, Interactive & Innovative

  • Image and video choice options.

  • Voice recording and check-ins for validations.

  • Embed background gifs and videos for a more interactive experience.

  • Direct social media propagation.

  • Turn feedback into revenue generating marketing opportunities.  

  • Incentivise adoption though rewards and include terms and conditions along with how to claim rewards. 

Our B2C Customer Experience Platform is responsive on modern browser and devices, without the need to download any app.

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