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Who We Are

We Are A Globally Distributed Team Of Seriously Talented Professionals. We Are Change-Makers, Contributors, Achievers, Artists, Innovators, Supporters, Adventurers, Challengers and Harmonisers. We Are An Eclectic Mix Of Human Beings With One Common Goal; To Build The World's Most Innovative Enterprise Survey Platform - Loved By Our Customers and You.

What Do We Stand For

We Stand For Living Life As An Opportunity. An Opportunity To Live Meaningfully, Be The Best You Can Be, Impact Lives Positively, Be The Difference & Exemplify Standards. 

Why We Matter To Our Customers

Our Customer Are At The Heart Of All We Do. We Proactively Seek Out What They Need, Want And Desire. We Take Responsibility For What Needs To Be Done. We Innovative Where Necessary And Simplify Relentlessly. We Stay Committed, Take A Long Term View Without Ignoring The Realities Of The Immediate. We Strive For Excellence As Any Other Standard Is Just Us Falling Short Of Who We Can Be. Be Live In Service To Our Customers And Use That As An Opportunity To Cultivate Our Professional And Personal Mastery. 

Our Design Philosophy

We Keep Design Clean, Clear And Consistent, So People Find It Compelling & Contagious.

Our Technology Philosophy

We Engineer Stable Architecture, Make It Sustainable And Scalable. We Ensure It Is Secure And Keep Improving Speed.

Our Business Philosophy

We Do Things Faster, Better And More Affordably For Our Customers.

Our People Philosophy

We Only Hire Those Who Meet Our High Standards And Give Them The Opportunity To Be Better Professionally And Personally, By Being In Service To Our Customers. 

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