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Welcome To The World's Most Innovative Enterprise Survey Platform

Use Our Experience Benchmark Surveys And Out-Innovate Your Competition

Discover how your employee, customer, product, brand, and market experience benchmark against your competitors. Then confidently boost profitability, performance and fulfilment levels, cause that is what your organisation should be about.

AI-Enhanced Employee, Customer & Market

Employee Experience Benchmarking Surveys

Do you truly know what's on her and her colleagues minds?

Get CusJo's real-time employee experience from pre-hire to exit, and go beyond employee experience management now. 

Employee Intelligence Suite

Customer Experience Benchmarking Surveys

Do you really know what he and your other customers genuinely feel about you?

Get CusJo's real-time customer experience to boost your profits, and go beyond customer experience management now.

Customer Intelligence Suite

Market Experience Benchmarking Surveys

Do you truly know in realtime how your products and brands are performing?

Get CusJo's real-time market experience to boost revenue, and get brand and product experience management benchmarking now. 

Market Intelligence Suite

Our 25,000+ Customers Say There Is CusJo, And Then There Is Everything Else.

Why do they love CusJo?


Almost 90% say it's because CusJo allows them to immediately get started on 150 types of employee, customer, brand, product and market experience benchmarking surveys without the need to hire expensive consultants.

81% say it it is because they don't need to waste time and money figuring out how to do it internally on thier own.

And 100% agree that CusJo's AI-enhanced benchmarking technology allows then to innovate faster and better than their competitors.

Those are just 3 of the many reasons our customers love CusJo.

Let us know yours, once you get CusJo.

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